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Christian persecution & God's strength

I can feel the hatred on the breath of principalities.

Because of sharing the Gospel and objecting to attacks on faith in public school, I've been spit at, I've had things thrown at me, I've had websites with message boards about how to mutilate me before killing me. There is a pro-Palestinian website right now that directs people in how to find me personally. I've had people send me emails out of concern for my life and from what they've heard in atheist groups. I've received threats, my house has been broken into with nothing taken and I've recently been followed. (So much for freedom of speech).

My webstats show that many Middle East terrorist nations take a profound interest in this website. Our number one page for months has been "Quran" which (wince) might enrage militant Islam. Suddenly there is a surge of traffic to an obscure but most recent picture of me, and I have to wonder if it's used as a target. A United Nations organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has seen fit to link traffic to my site covertly, which explains why so many countries, averaging over 50 different countries a month, find my site. (I honestly believe that Clinton cut a deal behind closed doors regarding our children's education, hence the UN attention).

I've been threatened with lawsuits. The Democratic party has accused me of starting the recall just prior to being framed. The FBI has warned me to be careful.  All because I wrote what is in the textbooks. All because God has sent a message. All because the darkness hates the light.

I've changed my name and address at this site. I've completely changed my name legally offline, for safety sake, I'm considering moving again, and I've taken security measures that I won't name, but best of all, I pray. For years now, as I've gone through this, I remember the times God has miraculously saved my life in many ways and I remember that nothing escapes God, nothing will happen to me that God is not aware of. Nothing. To live is Christ, to die is gain. My end may be violent, but I will not be alone through the storm.

Yet when traffic at BlessedCause was at an all time high, I was reminded that when those who plotted to kill Jesus sought to take Him, Jesus quietly walked away through the crowd.

Did you ever think about Joseph, Mary and young Jesus in Egypt, and an angel came to Joseph in the middle of the night and told Joseph to leave? Ever wonder why God instructed Joseph to go, when God could easily smite all of Joseph's enemies or anyone who even dared lift a sword? And yet, God told Joseph to get up and go.

God led me to go. I had written His message, I had exposed quotes of proselytizing in our children's textbooks, I had posted the seriousness of our affronts as a nation. I had warned silent pastors and so-called Christian Educators. I had warned of consequences. I have done what He has asked me to do and I walked away.

Only God could command His message be heard through today's resources, only God. What could a no-nothing mom like me do to gain worldwide attention of government leaders? Nothing. But after posting what God said, He gave BlessedCause the attention of international leaders and kings through the United Nation's organization IAEA, the attention of President Bush with the trial of John Walker Lindh, the Democrats  know enough about BlessedCause to falsely name us as behind the Davis recall and the plot that ensued, we've received media coverage by Fox News, the Associated Press and others in regards to the textbook, and now dozens of our posts are listed #1 on Google, which the Los Angeles Times reports as the #1 search engine worldwide. Our post, "A Warning from God" is #1 out of 103,000 and holding.

There is no way a nobody like me could have garnered all that exposure and I have no idea how it's happening.. But God does. Only God could have made it possible. Only God. All glory belongs to Him.

It doesn't matter if the world doesn't listen to me, because throughout time, God has always warned the people before the start of consequences, and God has always used the commonest no-nothing people to do it. The message has been given. The warning has been sent. We need only keep our lamps filled with oil and wait...not the oil of Iraq but the Biblical oil of the Holy Spirit as the bridesmaids wait for the groom... 

BlessedCause, God willing, will stand, but I have no plans to post more. April Shenandoah, Sierra Times and WorldNetDaily will continue to report the outrageous tyranny of legislators, affronts by organizations such as the ACLU, NAMBLA and the NEA, and America will stand or fall depending on her choices. Will we continue to play the harlot, or will we repent, embrace revival, return to God and prolong our future?

The ferocity of darkness that is sweeping this nation is exactly as God said it would be before the end times. If anyone reading this does not know God, I pray you seek Him. Choose today who your master is. Christ has come, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. Seek Him while there is still time, seek Him and live.

To those nations who plot to destroy America, know that your victories are not because of  "Allah." You have no victory over us that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not give you. It is not because of your gods or your careful planning or your skill. When the blood flows and the plagues begin, we ought not blame the Muslims or the Koreans or the United Nations or God. America must blame herself. We have turned our backs on God, we have sacrificed our children, we pour out pornography and teach homosexuality to children, and worst of all, we lead our children to participate in other religions with other gods.

God has warned us, He sent His prophets, He wrote His Word and He sent His very Son that we would know Him and reconcile with Him. But we, as a nation that began as Christian and prospered, now mock God, persecute His disciples and slaughter innocent children as our silent pastors open wide the gates to ravaging wolves, and lukewarm Christians look on and nod.

Do not blame the Muslims, America, we bring this on ourselves. He has warned us and He foretold us of our fate.

Beloved, stay close to God, remain in the folds of His robe. Troubled times are ahead. Stay close to the Shepherd and He will never leave you. God be with you, surround you and hold you in His grip. Share the Gospel with your family and friends. Do what you can and be counted as His. May God continue to strengthen us. Keep the faith. In Jesus holy name, amen.