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God blesses those who bless Israel

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BlessedCause threatened and watched by various groups.

Even though BlessedCause is linked by WorldNetDaily, GOPUSA, HistoryNewsNetwork, and syndicated publishers, Google stats show that "SamSpade" appears as receiving heavy traffic regarding us. SamSpade is a site used to find the personal address of web owners.

The following contain links to Arabian sites, including United Arab Emirates.

bullet BlessedCause targeted by terrorist
group, pray for those at "Stop-the-Hate" aka "Freedom for Palestine"

bulletArabs with AK47s are mad at BlessedCause, was it something I said?
bullet Attempts to attack from our own liberal Democrats to take down BlessedCause
bullet Christian Persecution and God's Strength
    To those nations who plot to destroy America...
bullet Whose watching BlessedCause?
A webstat feature  also Countries
bullet Arabian site flooding BlessedCause
provides Saudi Arabia's view of USA