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 Under attack, pray for "stop-the-hate"

I've just been notified that a terrorist resource group, under the guise of "stop-the-hate" has targeted BlessedCause. This group supplies easy access to home addresses and phone numbers of Christian website owners.

"Stop-the-hate claims to be for peace, but their sister website is "freedom-for-palestine.org". I would not visit "stop-the-hate" but if you want to see how they direct people to harass and attempt to find us, click here.  I was told we have been targeted because this group does not like our post on the Koran.

This group researches and provides web information, making it incredibly easy for hackers and virus delivery.  They name the suppliers for websites, (all websites pay for a host and server) and ask everyone to spam them, flood them with emails and pressure them to remove us.

How ironic. Christian sites do not target other sites and urge Christians to hack them or spam their suppliers. I could turn around and ask you to spam the suppliers of "Stop-the-hate," but don't you dare! They need prayer.

Fortunately "BlessedCause" domain information does not include personal addresses or contact information. If it did I would be packing up to move as I've already received death threats.

Other Christian websites targeted by "stop-the-hate" have not been so fortunate and no longer exist. What if our personal information was accessible, as were many unsuspecting Christian sites? This is a typical tactic that is happening in many forms under the guise of "peaceful intent," calling Christians the hateful ones, just like in our children's textbooks. This is all to persecute Christians, and Christ said it would be so.

If BlessedCause disappears, this will be why, as we have no plans to discontinue.  ahh well, just another day in my life...   Please pray for those at "stop-the-hate," they are lost and Christ would welcome them.

Other sites targeted, many are already gone. If you recognize any of these, please notify them. They probably didn't even know how they were targeted:

Traditional Values Coalition
Campus Watch (names Daniel Pipes)
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Christian Gallery
The Order of Saint Andrew
Stop Islam
Church of True Israel
Church of Israel
Jewish Task Force
Cry Aloud
Wisconsin Christians United
Church in the Wilderness
Christian Defense League
Minuteman Ministries
Messiah/H'al Mashiyach
Americas Promise Ministries
Kingdom Identity Ministries
Mission to Israel
Kingdom Kinsmen
The Covenant Vision Ministry
The Lighthouse
First Century Christian Ministry
The Lord's Work
Army of God

and many more...               

~ jen  2/17/03

Update 5/05/03: "Stop-the-hate" has taken extra steps to post my personal address. Know this. There are two women by my name in this small town. If you think you have found me, be very sure  you have the right one. The other woman by my name is a married young mom and has nothing to do with this website. I'm the older one!

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