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The Message of Columbia: "...science precedes all and would ultimately bring a remedy for humanity."

Few people realize the significance of what was carried on Columbia. Though the launch of Columbia did not receive much news coverage in America, (it was Columbia's 28th flight), Israeli Astronaut Col. Ilan Ramon was fast becoming a "new national hero" in Israel. He was front page news, making history.

"It's like the first Israeli to win an Olympic medal," said Mark Regev, spokesman for the Israeli Embassy. "I think all Israelis are looking at Ramon."

The hope of Israel was upon Ramon who described himself as a secular Jew. Though it was not his custom, he offered to "eat some kosher food" and practice the Sabbath. Rabbis were thrilled and helpful, and the people rejoiced. They claimed this as a unification of secular and Orthodox worlds.

Rabbi Rank, Vice President of the International Rabbinical Assembly, wrote in the Jewish Post:

"Colonel Ramon did not have to go to any lengths to promote his Jewishness on this trip. He is secular and therefore did not have to request kosher food... But he chose to do so willingly and in that choice, he empowers us to do the same."

Rabbi Rank also said,

On this trip, Colonel Ramon has embraced both worlds. That's a challenge to us and model for us. Thank you Colonel Ramon. Go in peace, return in peace, and by you may Houston have no problems.

Ilan Ramon was credited with "empowering the people" and a rabbi said by Ramon may Houston have no problems?

Jeremiah among other prophets have warned us about empty sacrifices.

"For My people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me, the Fountain of Living Waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water."

Is this true, that rabbis would swear by Ramon that Houston have no problems? A man that offered empty tribute to God while publicly asserting he had no faith in that tribute? Did Israel lift up a secular national hero, claiming a mere man empowered them to embrace a secular world with empty offerings?

"Know therefore that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God, which keeps covenant and mercy with those that love Him." Deu. 7:9

Ramon said, "There is no better place to emphasize the unity of people in the world than flying in space." Ramon said during an interview, "I'm proof that even with all the hard times we are going forward....When we go up to space, Earth is one unity and no borders are seen from there."

Yet Scripture says we are set apart:

God said, "For you are an holy people unto the Lord your God, and the Lord has chosen you to be a peculiar people unto Himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth." Deu 14:2

"But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly; " Psalm 4:3

"Because My people have forgotten me, they have burned incense to vanity, and they have caused them to stumble in their ways from the ancient paths, to walk in paths, in a way not cast up" [to exalt - Strongs]. Jer 18:15

Going through the motions of faith while professing a denial of that faith to all of Israel, glorifying Ilan Ramon as the empowerment of Israel was nothing short of mockery to God.  And God will not be mocked.

So-Called Supremecy of Science

Additionally, Ramon took with him into orbit a drawing by a 14 year old boy who was killed in Auschwitz. It touched everyone's hearts and was highly publicized. The boy had drawn his vision of what the Earth would look like from the moon.

"It's related to space, of course, and I feel like I'm taking his vision and his spirit of space," said Ramon.

Ramon selected the drawing after talking with museum directors from Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, which also describes the drawing:

"The picture reveals a young man who, in addition to his other talents, was both a researcher and scientist full of optimism that science precedes all and would ultimately bring a remedy for humanity."

Thus Ilan Ramon, glorified by Israel to "empower people," a symbol to unify the secular and Orthodox, by which Houston may succeed, set off into orbit offering an empty tribute to God while publicly renouncing belief in it, carrying a drawing which openly represented the "supremacy of science over all."

Yet Ilan Ramon was not the only astronaut

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