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Named by Democrat Party, then Framed
Request for public apology from Al Gore, Robert Melsh and StopTheRecall organization
Detailed version
9/22/03   by Jen Shroder of BlessedCause

How dare Al Gore stand at a podium and claim those for the recall are not respectful of Californians. What kind of respect were Democrats planning for me when they lied and named my organization, BlessedCause.org, as responsible for the recall? With over 400 pages, we had ONE OUTDATED POST applauding the recall on our second page index. I would have considered it a compliment, until soon after this announcement it was discovered my computer was hacked and I was being framed for sending out self-incriminating viruses to Houghton Mifflin, the textbook publisher exposed by this website for proselytizing Islam to school children.

The only reason I am not in handcuffs and paraded up and down in liberal media as part of the "right-wing conspiracy" and "behind the recall" (which they planted just previously), is because I had called the Santa Maria FBI for help upon discovering this plot.

The FBI was very helpful and secured my computer. After close examination of my webstats, it was discovered that "thethoughtpolice.org" had suspiciously linked to my control panel. It looked like an ordinary link to my site, unless my cursor ran over it, then the title bar at the bottom of my screen revealed it was actually linked to my control panel which is extremely unique.

The owner of TheThoughtPolice.org is Robert Schneider, a member of the Supreme Court Historical Society. He contacted me and denies any knowledge of this link, yet it is still being used to access my control panel. [Since contacting him the links have disappeared from my stats and his website page titles have been changed and blocked.] Perhaps he's being hacked and framed as I am, because whoever is doing this is extremely sophisticated. I have asked the FBI to investigate this thoroughly.

There was absolutely no reason for the Democrats to name me #2 in a list of 5 as behind the recall. To be unexplainably named, hacked and framed leads to an obvious conclusion. The circumstantial evidence against the Democratic party is, in my opinion, overwhelming.

To hear Al Gore proclaim that the recall is "disrespectful to Californians" is outrageous. I am a Californian, what kind of respect would I have found in prison? I came very close to losing my freedom, and probably the custody of my children, in a devious plot to discredit the recall. I praise God and am grateful to the FBI for being spared.

I request a public apology and retraction from Robert Melsh, Chair of the 64th Assembly District Committee, California Democratic Party, as well as from "StopTheRecall", both of whom named Blessed Cause publicly without foundation. Even without absolute proof that the hacker is with the Democratic party, the liberal-left knew the hostility they were sending my way by naming BlessedCause; from a criminal plot to put me in prison and separating me from my children, to the nutcase that followed me yesterday, to hostile emails such as cutting me up into little pieces, to a hacked computer barely functioning, what did the Democrats think would happen when they falsely named me?

They thought they would discredit the recall.

I believe Al Gore also owes all those who honestly worked so hard for the recall an apology as well. If there is any "disrespect," it is the liberal-left Democrat's disrespect for love of God, Flag and Country.  

Campaigning has hit a diabolical low. How do these people sleep at night? But I am reminded that if they don't have the Holy Spirit, they don't know any better. I am outraged but at the same time, I am sincerely grieved for their bleak eternal future. May God have mercy, please pray for them.   ~jen

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To see the article by Melsh, you must register with PE.com, which is free. http://www.liberty-ca.org/recallgraydavis/whos_behind_recall.htm,+recall&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&client=REAL-tb


(the owner of this website has graciously lined out Blessed Cause as "behind the recall" since original post)


To see the article by Melsh, you must register with PE.com, which is free.