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As All Of Heaven Watches
The Davis Recall

See also: Davis Recall Plot Foiled and
McClintock wins poll two days before election!

For the conservative Christian, this election weighs heavily on our minds. Tom McClintock is the obvious choice, but dare we risk losing to (shudder) Davis or Bustamante? Is this election about getting Davis out, or getting someone with godly principals in? What exactly is this vote about?

Christian, listen. If we vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger and he wins, every time we feel the affront of the liberal left promoting homosexuality to our children, we will be to blame. Every  religious offense in public school, every liberal issue invoked on Californians will be on our heads and the blood of every aborted baby will be on our hands.

I've always liked Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I will not vote for him. Even if there was no chance for Tom McClintock (and there is!) I will not vote for Arnold's liberal ways. I wish I knew his views better, but they're vague.

There will be Someone watching us in that polling booth that is far more important than all of California. There is Someone that has always cared deeply about the choices that we make. Do we vote for what Christ stands for, or do we vote against them?  Do we have faith that God is ultimately in control? Can we take our Father's hand and say, "I stand for You and Your precepts no matter what," or will we compromise what God has told us, to gain the lesser of liberal evils?

At no time in Biblical history did God ever say "go half way." Either God will grant the victory or He won't, but when all is said and done, I'm not about to stand before God and say, "Well, God, I didn't think David had a chance against Goliath, so I went over to the other side."

God really does have it under control. I believe we just really have to stand where He is, no matter how big the giants.  I'm not saying God will grant us McClintock, I don't know that. Jesus said it was going to get very dark, and it is. But when the lights go out and His Son Comes down, I'm going to be holding on to my Father's hand.

I will vote for Tom McClintock on election day, and I pray that he not drop out. Because win or lose, Tom McClintock is providing us with an opportunity to stand for what is right. And if the worst happened, if Bustamonte or Davis wins the election, God will not forsake us. We will remain in victory, having chosen what was right even in a dark world. Our victory is in Christ.

Christian, I urge you, stand strong in your convictions. Do not compromise and cringe with regret at every future liberal advance. Jesus said it would get very dark near the end times, but take care that when all is said and done, we stand in Jesus Christ.

Whether we win or lose, I am grateful to you, Tom McClintock, for providing us the opportunity to stand up and be counted. God bless you, may His face shine upon you, may He strengthen and lead you in all you do, and be a clear Light unto your path.

Thank you for fighting the good fight for God and California. Godspeed.   ~jen

This Democrat will vote for Tom McClintock
from The Acorn

Iíve been a registered Democrat all my life. From 1983 to 1989, I provided the Democratic Party with free rent and utilities in my Village Oaks Office Park in Westlake Village and free headquarters for congressional, senatorial and presidential candidates.

I was repeatedly awarded "Ventura County Democrat of the Year." One day the Democratic Party announced in the newspaper that they were shocked that the Democrat of the Year was supporting Republican state Assemblyman Tom McClintock. I answered that I always support the best man, regardless of party affiliation.

If all Californians only knew what I know about Tomís record as state assemblyman and state senator, they would vote for him to be Californiaís next governor. He is honest, hard-working, dedicated and innovative. Heís sponsored fabulous state legislation and is now the most qualified gubernatorial candidate of any party. Iím so sure of this that Iím donating $1,000 to his campaignóbecause I love California.

When the Democratic National Committee asked me for a $1,000 donation a year and a half ago, I replied, "I will, if you can guarantee me none of it will go towards reelecting Gray Davis." They never replied.

I not only signed the recall petition to oust Gov. Davis, but I contributed $1,000 to the recall committeeóbecause I love California.

Robert A. Felburg
Costa Mesa

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