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  "Blamed" for recall

9/3/03 update: Both Gray Davis's "Taxpayers Against the Governor's Recall" and Democratic leader, Robert Melsh, as well as others listed below, have named Blessed Cause as behind the recall, an honor I would love to accept, but it's dishonest. This "right wing conspiracy" claim is pure fabrication, and since our post of August 20th (below), "Taxpayers Against the Recall" have taken down their website for revision, but true colors are already showing!

8/20/03 Robert Melsh, Chair of the 64th Assembly District Committee, California Democratic Party, wrote an article titled "Keep Gray Davis as governor" which appeared in Press Enterprise. In it, he states the following:

"... Fourth, who is behind this recall effort? Not a contingent of the "finest in citizen action," as Rep. Issa maintains, but the far right edge of California politics, including American Patrol, Blessed Cause, California Pro-Life Council, California Rifle and Pistol Association and the States Liberty Party. They, like their extremist sugar-daddy Rep. Issa, are completely out of touch with California values."

We at BlessedCause have ONE POST applauding the recall of Gray Davis found on Page 2 of our index, posted SIX MONTHS ago! If I could topple Davis with ONE OUTDATED POST, I would have dedicated a whole website about Clinton, while he was in office, if God was willing.

BlessedCause is HONORED to be named as behind this recall effort. But the TRUTH is, Melsh and the "Taxpayers Against the Recall" are attempting to  deliberately mislead the public in an effort to discredit those who have worked so hard on the recall, replacing them with "extremists" like me. BlessedCause would love to take the credit, but we can't. I'm embarrassed that we didn't do more.

Melsh chose BlessedCause because he was looking to attribute the recall to ultra right-wing organizations to activate the left and weaken the recall. Instead, he has proven how desperate the Democratic leaders are and that honesty doesn't matter. Melsh has also directed innumerable liberals to our site where they found the post, Your Voice in the Carpenter's Shop.

Thank you Chairman Melsh. What you meant for evil, God used for good.

The article also states, "A fifth item to consider is the "big lie," perpetrated by Issa and his followers, that the governor lied to us about the deficit. This was not an issue avoided, but one unstated until the facts were clear."

I would say the facts have become crystal clear to the whole nation, Mr. Melsh, of what Gray Davis has done.

Additionally, we are not "completely out of touch with California values." Parents everywhere are starting to protest the liberal agenda; homosexuality, promiscuous sex, abortion, atheism, psychic reading, Islam, any and all religions while scorning the name of  Jesus Christ and denying us both religious freedom and our American culture. In public school, all beliefs apart from Christianity are enticingly offered as a rich smorgasbord, spoon-fed to children with an atheist topping.  Our tax dollars pay for the restaurant but our children are handed the check for their souls.  

Mr. Melsh, in spite of your deceptive tactics, Christians are extremely tolerant, but liberals have targeted our children and we are beginning to fight to protect them. Claiming Issa is my "sugar daddy" and lying about who is behind the recall will not save you, there is only one Savior, Jesus Christ, and His passion is for you, too.

We would also like to take this opportunity to endorse Tom McClintock...or Arnold Schwarzenegger...or my next door neighbor, anyone except Gray Davis and his cohort Bustamonte!

(days later) See also the foiled plot to frame BlessedCause right after being named as "right wing conspiracy behind the Davis Recall"...all looks like an intricate plot, foiled by the FBI.

NEW: Computer ID's of hackers/attempters

Evidence points at democratic party. List from Gray Davis's Taxpayers Against the Recall:

bulletAmerican Patrol
bulletBlessed Cause
bulletCalifornia Pro Life Council
bulletCalifornia Republican Party
bulletCalifornia Republican Assembly
bulletCalifornia Rifle and Pistol Assoc.
bulletCampaign for California Families
bulletCitizens for Justice
bulletNational Tax Limitation Committee
bulletPatriot Defenders Network
bulletStates’ Liberty Party

~JenT, founder of BlessedCause

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See also: Details of Davis Recall Plot
Open plea for help to FBI"

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and the hatred of the so-called "tolerant" left surround me:


(the owner of this website has graciously lined out Blessed Cause as "behind the recall" since original post)


To see the article by Melsh, you must register with PE.com, which is free.

article posted alongside mine at BlessedCause from WND, dated Feb 11th which has always been there (proves age of post)