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I had to wait and confirm that and SAVE CALIFORNIA.COM are legitimate sites. They ARE and the recall movement is growing fast!

There are currently bills proposed that would radically corrupt California, one proposes a law forcing California businesses to hire transsexuals, and fine any business $150,000 if a company refuses. There are other bills such as this.

Churches, Christian bookstores, contractors, forced to employ men dressed as women.

We need to show that we CARE about family values. God is watching to see who will shine like a light in California and stand up against these hideous proposals.

If Governor Davis feels nervous about a recall, maybe he would act against these bills rather than promote them as usual.

Additionally, Governor Davis needs to be recalled on his own merits!

At, you can sign the petition to recall Gray Davis.

At, with one click of a button you can send a message to every legislator in California. Please visit that site!


This page to be updated with more facts soon...

Gray Davis recall effort gains steam
Website sees over 10,000 sign-ups
in 1st 4 days


Californians fed up with Democratic Gov. Gray Davis are taking to the Internet to express their disgust, as the website dedicated to an effort to recall the governor collects thousands of supporters' names.

"In the first 96 hours since the Recall Gray Davis effort was launched, over 10,000 Californians have signed up to

  join the recall campaign at the official recall website,," former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, statewide chair of the Recall Gray Davis Committee, announced yesterday.

In a statement, the recall organization said those signing up on the website agreed to circulate petitions and volunteer their time to help qualify the recall for a special election. Although Davis was elected to a second term just last November, beating Republican candidate Bill Simon, the recall organizers are confident that enough Californians are dissatisfied with Davis to vote him out of office.

If the required 897,000 signatures of registered voters are collected within 160 days, a recall election could be scheduled by late summer. Along with asking voters if Davis should be removed from office, the ballot would include names of potential replacements should the recall succeed.

"Californians are clearly fed up with the corrupt and incompetent policies of Gray Davis. The people feel betrayed by the lies and deception Davis used to hide the seriousness of the state's budget crisis, only to reveal the truth after he was re-elected. But Californians are taking action with this recall effort to save their schools, their public safety services and their take-home pay!" said Kaloogian in the statement.

The recall campaign is not only looking to Republicans to support the effort, but also Democrats and Independents.

We are in discussions with leaders from all political parties to ensure that this is a broad-based effort that unites the people of this state out of their shared disdain for Gov. Davis' deceptive methods and destructive policies," Kaloogian said.

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