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Letter to Gov. Davis

When I think of John Walker Lindh who joined the Taliban, and Mike Spann, the American CIA agent who was killed by the Taliban, my heart breaks for their mothers as I think of my own 12-yr-old son.  How would I feel as John Walkerís mother?  How would I feel as Mike Spannís?  I canít speak for them, but for myself, my answer is in my sonís eyes.

 He is 12 years old.  He is IMPRESSIONABLE and he was forced to read from a textbook that scorned Christianity and promoted Allah.  The school said they would give him alternative assignments but he still had to read from that textbook which scorned his faith.  He could not "opt out."  Houghton Mifflin's textbook has been here for more than 11 years and was the only textbook approved and funded by California.  Did John Walker Lindh ďlearnĒ from this book that promoted Islam?  More than likely.  In the early 90's the textbook was the ONLY California approved textbook.  John Walker moved here eleven years ago, the same time "Across the Centuries" was introduced.  Reports often reflect John's devotion to Islam at the age of 16, but the Associated Press reported in Dec.of 2001 that by the age of 15 John Walker was already patterning his life after the Quran, making decisions based upon the dictates of Islam, showing his interest developed prior to his high school years.  see article

We have developing generations of boys in California that are forced to learn from the same textbook.  Amazingly, the school officials suddenly claim they have no impact on our children.  They claim asking our children to imagine being in acts of worship to Allah, and writing why other nations are attracted to Islam, would not lead them to Islam.  When the teacher at Byron County and my son's school asked children to get on their hands and knees and repeat words of prayer to Allah, that, in fact, made them Muslim. Islam claims that all it takes to become Muslim is to repeat the words chanted by children in Byron County.  California schools have technically inducted children into Islam.

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