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TO:  Gov. Davis and the State Board of Education:  You have betrayed my religious freedom.  My son was forced, (he could NOT opt out) from Houghton Mifflin Social Studies series which maligns Christ, salvation, Christianity, and continuously tries to weaken my son's faith.  Conversely, atheism and every other religion is lifted up, especially Islam, which is blatantly whitewashed and encourages children to embrace it.  While many acts and thoughts of participation are asked of our children to promote Islam, the ONLY imagination exercise in the Jewish section is to imagine being a conquered Jew forced from your homeland.  The ONLY imagination exercise for Christianity is to imagine being back in the tombs of dead Christians.  School officials scoff at objections and claim children are not led by enacting Islam's beliefs, yet Islam is now the fastest growing religion in So. California despite the World Trade Center attack.  Public schools have planted Islam's seeds for 11 years with this textbook and we are beginning to see the fruit.  At my son's school, children were asked to pray on their hands and knees to Allah in demonstration and one child reported going home and praying to Allah again when no one was around.  Our children learn what you teach them, and you are teaching our children to accept Islam.  Allah is NOT God! Eloheim! 
Gov. Davis, Diane Feinstein and Delaine Eastin will not respond to my letters, so here I am at your steps.  Do not force Islam upon God's precious children. He does watch, and His coming wrath is not because of the Muslims, the blame is at your steps.  God has written, He will utterly destroy you.  (Deut 6:14).  Do not blame the Muslims.  We have voted you into office.  We bring this upon ourselves. America, please turn around before it's too late. 

WOE TO YOU, Gov. Davis, for working so hard developing task forces to promote homosexuality rather than tolerance to impressionable children. WOE TO YOU, Department of Education, for forcing our children to know other gods. WOE TO YOU, 9th Circuit Court, for corrupting our nation and children as teachers of the law. 

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