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WASHINGTON  Associated Press, on Fox News, Monday, December 31, 2001
Lindh was 10, a shy and smart kid who played flute and worried about the poor. His parents have split up.

After rising through regular public schools, Lindh had some home tutoring at age 16 because of an intestinal illness and went to an alternative high school attended by high achievers.

The teen-ager's Internet wanderings point vaguely to what was going on in his off-line life. They are a blend of spiritual and material worlds -- exploring the meaning of the Quran, trying to buy a drum machine and selling his collection of more than 200 hip-hop albums.

"I've heard recently that certain musical instruments are forbidden by Islam," he wrote in a July 1996 posting to an Islamic newsgroup, when he was 15. "There is nothing in the Qur'an that I can find relating to this matter."

He asked what instruments were allowed or prohibited.

This was a month after he put a video game system up for sale, complete with games he listed as Splatterhouse 2 and Captain America & The Avengers.

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