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 Who is JenT?
And why should anyone listen to her?

Because I have nothing to gain in this world by doing this which has cost me greatly.  The mocking, the confrontations, the loss of friendships in the school district, death threats, (I've had to change my name), financial costs, time invested, the risk of my sons being persecuted in school....   for what?  What do I gain personally?  There is no money in this for me, it's not about publicity.  When the 6:00 news got my name wrong, I didn't correct them, I preferred the anonymity. 

God has shown us in the New Testament what will happen to our nation if we don't repent.  Trust me, that is not a popular thing to say.  I was severely warned if I continued in a radical plea to the President, liberal papers would tear me apart.  My answer:  So what.  Let the liberal papers tear me apart, I won't stop speaking what God has said.  And if they misquote me, take what I say out of context, God WILL deal with them.  I've seen it happen. All I know is to be about my Father's business and God already said man will hate me because they hate God. 

One of the most grievous things in all of this are the many respected religious leaders who tell me not to say this, not to say that, because people will not like it.  One world renowned celebrity criticized me, and I asked him, where am I wrong Biblically?  He responded with one scripture in an email.  "Let no man speak ill of you." (Romans)  I couldn't believe it.  They spoke ill of Jesus, was He wrong?  All the disciples, the prophets, did anyone in the Bible who ever followed the Lord please men?  This same religious leader with so much God given power and respect, refuses to address what is happening in public schools.  Refuses to renounce what is happening to our children.  Why?  For public relations?  Does he fear he would lose popularity?  But I don't have to concern myself.  God sees all. I need to pray for this man and his ministry, because God says in Ezekiel that the false shepherds will lose their flocks.  Any pastor who will not address what is happening to our children because of fear of losing man's favor...   I pray God open their eyes, I pray God's mercy for them.

(Update:  Since the above was written, I have heard this same pastor address the public school issue head on, including the textbook.  We certainly serve a mighty God!)

So why listen to me?  Don't.  But listen to Him.  Listen to the Bible.  Listen to Jesus.  Jesus described Himself as gentle, meek and humble of heart.  Yet would Jesus stand by silently and timidly as Israelite children were asked to demonstrate prayer to Baal or a pagan god of the Romans?  The Pharisees would have rather DIED than allow the Roman eagle be displayed in the temple.  The Pharisees, which Jesus called the "sons of satan," would not have stood for the Israelite children being told to demonstrate on their hands and knees, prayer to Allah.  Have we Christians sunk to a level worse than the "sons of satan"?

["sons of Satan" is in no way a reference to  Israel and the Jews, but rather the spirit in which the Pharisees of Christ's time maligned the Scriptures and Him]

Make no mistake, GOD IS ANGRY.  He will never forsake His own, but our nation has been warned.  It is written that the Israelites were meant for an example to us, and what happened to them OVER AND OVER AGAIN as they turned their backs on God?  God lifted His hand of protection from them and other nations almost wiped them out.  GOD HAS SUCH A HEART FOR THE LITTLE CHILDREN, and when a culture begins to have them "walk through the fire" as we are, that is when God historically has said ENOUGH!  God is in those classrooms.  God sees as teachers ask His own children to get on their hands and knees and demonstrate prayer to Allah.  God sees as public schools attempt in every way possible to weaken their faith.  God also sees the false shepherds, the silent pastors, do NOTHING as this continues. I testify to you that God is Angry.  As the Muslims plot and plan their terrorist attacks, when the blood starts to flow and the plagues are unleashed, do not look up at God and ask why.  Don't even blame the Muslims.  Because if we would truly turn around and seek Him, our nation would be healed. And no nation could come against a nation of the Living God.  All nations are but dust to Him!

Why aren't public pastors saying this?  They did once.  And the world was so angered that they took it back.  Unbelievably they took it back.  Why?  Who will you listen to.  Listen to Him.  READ the Bible.  PRAY God reveal you His truth.  And ask Him, ASK HIM what you can do to protect our children in public school or in another issue.  We can do all things through Christ, without Him, we can do nothing.  Do not look at the storm, do not look at the impossibility of the opposition, the government, the teachers, the school boards, the silent pastors.  Look at Jesus.  Seek His heart.  Follow His ways.  Be about your Father's business when Jesus comes back, no matter how great the storm, we can walk on water, if we would just keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.     - JenT

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