"He longs to touch all our lives...


There was nobody in my life
willing to die for me. Jesus did."



Sin is fun, for a short time, but we never count the cost correctly. The world's ways are appealing, but empty. Most of my adult years I had a party life, lived in the mountains at the ski lifts, was a chauffeur in Newport Beach for a while and partied with celebrities, was desperately pursued by a drug lord, (I think I was the only woman he knew didn't like cocaine), won the state championships in racquetball (lower division), eventually I landed a great county job at Mental Health, laughed a LOT, on the outside you would think I had it all, but on the inside I was hard hearted, no compassion for people, totally self absorbed. Cost? Gave up a son for adoption at birth, divorced, my children were depressed in child care, a lot of painful consequences, but worst of all was that emptiness inside. The feeling that something was lacking.

I was in the best affair of my worldly life when I got an incredible craving for some sound, spent a fortune hunting for something, a group, a music style, I couldn't quite find it.  Then I heard a Margaret Becker song..  "I'll never be an angel, but here I am again praying for wings to fly..."  That song ROCKED ME. Just then some co-workers dragged me to a Bible study at lunch time.  God exploded into my life.  Until then I'd had a distant vague New Age attitude toward God, but when I committed my life to the Lord, wow, my life turned upside down.

My priorities changed and I gave up an awesome career to be a stay-at-home mom as a child care provider. I changed diapers all day long for a living. Between diapers and the dog my life was poop, poop and poop!  But I wouldn't go back to my old life for anything!  By the world's standards I'm much less successful, zero prestige, but God has given me so much more. God returned to me something I lost long ago, He picked me up out of the gutter, washed me off, dressed me in fine linens and gave me a ring of authority. He longs to do that for all of us.

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I have so much joy in the simple things of life.  And I'm loved.  There was nobody in my past would have died for me. Jesus did.  And the more I read what He wrote, the more I walk with Him, the more He directs me... the deeper that joy increases.  I am valuable to Him.  We all are.  He has a perfect purpose and a plan for all our lives.  

That old life, what the world has to offer, even the best of it, holds nothing to the GRACE and GLORY of GOD. Oh how I wish those who reject Him would open their eyes and see!  His arms are open WIDE! But it will not always be so. The trumpet will sound and then it will be too late.  Do not be left behind

Since those days, I moved from the mountains to the valley to become a footwasherI'm also involved with objections to indoctrination of Islam and all other religious beliefs while scorning Christianity in California's public schools. It is SO SHOCKING what is written in our precious children's textbooks.

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May God bless you and keep you always.  
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