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Open plea for help to the FBI, sent 9/21/03:

My organization was publicly named as behind the Davis Recall by the democrats, which is completely false. Following that, my computer was hacked and at least two viruses were sent out through it, one which would be extremely self-incriminating, was sent to Houghton Mifflin, a textbook publisher that I have been campaigning against.

I believe this was done to set me up to discredit the Davis recall.

After close inspection of my webstats, I discovered a highly suspicious "referrer" which I believe is connected to the whole thing. Only if you put your cursor on the link, will it reveal that it connects to my control panel. I contacted the web owner (Bob Schneider of and a copy of his denial is below.

Someone is trying to frame me and either this man is lying or someone is trying to set him up as well. Since this involves the Davis Recall, or the framing of an innocent mom, (me, smile) would you please investigate this? I'm afraid they'll try another way to frame me, or worse. I've already contacted Agent Wilkomm of the Santa Maria FBI but they don't feel it's high enough priority. If you can't help me, would you please tell me who to report this to? There has to be some kind of agency that can help when someone is being framed. Thank you very much. Jen (alias) Shroder (I've changed my name legally, I have a family to protect).

From Bob Schneider: Well I'm sorry if my past links are somehow persisting. It has been since mid-summer since I took down links to other sites such as [reputable news site] or articles that apparently had secondary links to sites like yours embedded in the article. I'm not doing any e-commerce nor do I have any confidential info on any of my pages. So I don't care if someone is actually hacking into my domain which I highly doubt is happening now. I'll double check with my ISP just in case though.

Even when I had such links they were simply links, not access to your ftp or control panel etc. It just doesn't follow that a professor of social work would jeopardize his career and an arrest just to be a nuisance. I'm not that stupid or crazy nor do I have the skills to hack anything.

If some agent wants to contact me then he may. But as I say just hasn't been on my ISP for around two months. All the articles were in the "../na/.." folder that is long gone. My ISP can document all the active pages I've had, or at least I suspect they have em stored somewhere.

Hopefully this will work out for you. Actually the best way to trace is to find the DNS for the computers that are accessing your site, not the domain names that connect to yours. That's what I would do if I were and e-investigator. It's harder to hide the computer DNS unless you really know what you're doing. I couldn't do it myself.

Wouldn't a firewall help? I'll CC this reply to the FBI as well. I'm available if you need further info. Bob Schneider

[If what Robert Schneider says is true, then this copy from my webstats might be helpful, I believe the "Host" is the computer ID that accessed the site through the link in question]

[what a coincidence...when the 6:00 news got my name wrong, they accidentally called me "Jen Schneider"]

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