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  Evidence from my webstats:
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See also: Understanding Webstats, a demonstration

The FBI confirmed I was hacked, not the average hack but a professional job. Because of this, I began watching my webstats carefully. An obscure feature of our host's webstat features is the ability to backtrack links to where traffic originates, even Arabian sites.  I found that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an organization of the UN, had linked and sent traffic to my website, specifically my review on the 6th grade textbook. 

What possible interest could they have over my 6th grade textbook review?

I didn't pay it too much mind, their website looked so technologically over my head it was (to be honest) boring, and I had noticed they sent traffic to our site before, but eventually I realized the IAEA is described as the "United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency" and that "Mohammad el-Baradei, speaking at the start of an assembly of the IAEA's 135 member nations, demanded that Iran must explain recent evidence that it possesses highly enriched uranium." 

Why does the United Nations' nuclear watchdog direct traffic to my 6th grade textbook review? ...and that explains how all these countries find BlessedCause, with Saudi Arabia consistently leading.

I started to research on a larger political scale what Clinton's part was in the promotion of Islam in public school and found a terrorist actually helped draft Clinton's religious guidelines for public school, implemented about the same time all the Islamic propaganda began...was the education of our youth part of a package deal during Clinton's administration? Everything points at YES. Was the agreement to insist Islam is to be embraced and incorporated in our textbooks used as a bargaining chip? After researching the facts, evidentally YES. 

Newsmax and WorldNetDaily thoroughly researched my findings and found more that support the theory. Even Urban Legends (not necessarily conservative) has reluctantly confirmed that what is written in our textbooks is alarming.

Study Islam. Muslims are determined to advance, entering by persuasion within our public schools and by sword at our borders. Clinton has clearly provided both doorways as we are swarmed by Islam, courting our children while bombing our buildings.

Judging from various Islam websites, Muslims have wanted for a long time to proselytize our youth, and the mass media marketing toward that endeavor has been explosive and outrageous. For what other reason could Colin Powell, in the face of all the violence and irrationality of Islam hatred condoned and sanctioned by the Quran, give a news announcement inviting Muslim clerics to move here to "educate" us? I know our government is not blind...they know that Arab nations continue to educate their children to hate, mutilate and kill Jews, Christians and infidels. Yet the glut of marketing Islam as peaceful continues, especially by liberals; liberal media and the liberal NEA, enforced by the dreaded ACLU.

Meanwhile, Muslims are ranting about President Bush's nominee to Middle East agencies. What policies did President Bush inherit from the Clinton administration, which was in power when all these hyper Islam textbooks began churning from textbook publishers and saturating our public schools?

I have no doubt our children and their education have been used as bargaining chips with Middle East leaders. Think about it, the glut of propaganda exploded onto the educational scene suddenly while Clinton was able to smile, give America a song and dance as he dallied on the side with an intern, in office, unconcerned with the threats of Islam.

Did Clinton strike a deal behind closed doors? Was Islam given the go-ahead to saturate our schools, universities and textbooks? Why else would all these international organizations including the United Nations take interest in my website, a small voice opposing these practices?

Apart from Christ we can do nothing. With God, all things are possible.

Here I am, a no-nothing mom, credited as the cause of the Davis Recall, targeted by sophisticated hackers to be framed, flooded with traffic from the Arab world, evidently impacted the John Walker Lindh trial and over $500 million loss by Vivendi/Havas/Houghton Mifflin, the textbook publisher.

Even as I type this, suddenly my screen splits and a duplicate of what I'm typing appears to the side...I have no doubt my computer is still being hacked, I was locked out of my own control panel two nights ago, my email sporadically is unavailable for increments of time which baffles my cable company, and I've had to change my name and take safety precautions because people are clearly looking for me in ways that the police have named, "suspicious circumstances." 

...and as I went to church yesterday distracted by all these thoughts, I sang praise with a body of believers who poured out their hearts lifting hands to the Lord. I felt like an ant among giants and so incredibly humbled by my brothers and sisters in Christ, completely focused on the Lord intensely magnifying His Name in praise. THIS is where the power is, THIS is where the heart of God is, THIS is where the Living Water flows. I praise God for His power and glory and invite anyone, Muslim, Jew, pagan, homosexual, terrorist, come just as you are. No matter how polluted and corrupted the world becomes...we are washed clean in Jesus. Come.