Understanding Webstats

update: 3/1/05 response  to "World O' C...." traffic below. See also the "Message from God"

Many have accused me of not understanding my webstats, especially when I say the IAEA linked to my website, so let me be perfectly clear.

My webhost has many webstat features. If I look at who has visited my site in the past hour, I can read particulars such as this:

Host: Url: /6th_1.htm Http Code : 200
Date: Sep 09 10:42:40 Http Version: HTTP/1.0" Size in Bytes: 13063
Referer: http://www.iaea.org Agent: Mozilla/3.0 (compatible)

"Referer" does not mean the provider of the visitor, it means the location of where the link IS. I know this to be true because I have followed the link and found links back to me coming from Arab websites, I have found sites trying to direct people of how to try and find my physical home address, and I have found dozens of liberal sites using up my bandwidth to display pictures on my site, on their own site.

This can get a little fun (except God tells us not to be haughty and sometimes itís hard...). Many liberal sites had linked to my site to mock the picture of President Bush with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
(click here for enlarged image)
So I changed the picture on my site, which instantly changed the image on dozens of liberal sites. Now liberal sites describing the image made no sense whatsoever with their article, and instead they were faced with a warning from God.

Oped News failed to remove the changed image for MONTHS. I never would have known about all of these sites linking to mine if I didn't back track through my "Referer" feature. Unfortunately Oped News eventually discovered it and replaced it, ruining my demonstration, however "World O' C..." has recovered it by posting the image on 3/1/05, which I also changed to respond:  http://blogs.salon.com/0002874/. No, I do not keep tabs on sites like World O', but it's easy to see traffic flow and from which sites, just as it showed the IAEA referring to my textbook reviews. Thanks World O', for further demonstrating the procedure and proof.

Previous webstat sample:

Host: Url: /Patriot%20Progress/84.jpg Http Code : 200
Date: Jun 27 09:59:10 Http Version: HTTP/1.1" Size in Bytes: 26379
Referer: http://www.opednews.com/roland_052804_who_bush_answers_to.htm Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90; Cox High Speed Internet Customer; T312461)

Some have vehemently criticized me for changing lib websites, claiming my changing of them was underhanded. My response to that is, "If you donít like what youíre swallowing, get out of my refrigerator." These liberal sites are perfectly capable of copy/pasting the image of President Bush and linking it to their own site, but they didnít. They used up my bandwidth instead to generate the image on thousands of computers. If Iím paying for the bandwidth, well, I can stock my refrigerator any way I want. I didnít change their site. They were feeding off of me. If they donít like the flavor, get out of my kitchen! (smile)

(I sincerely hope I havenít offended anyOne because this cracks me up)

After I posted attention to the IAEA link, IAEA immediately changed it and it is no longer there. It only takes seconds for a webmaster to change a site, but the evidence that they had is still available to tech masters (far beyond my ability).

Until last month, I also had access to see which countries were frequenting mine and the percentages etc, and Iíve posted that information on my site as well. Suddenly, that information has been blocked to me. Now how did that happen?
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