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Introduction to BlessedCause

After reading outrageous pro-Islam propaganda in our children's 7th grade textbooks, and noting that Christians were severely disparaged, I wrote a review which was faxed and quoted all over the world. (see how God moved) Houghton Mifflin, the publisher, responded by claiming the "Christian turn" was in the 6th grade textbook, and when I reviewed it, I was more outraged than ever before as it described the prophets of the Old Testament as false and listed Christians as the number 1 cause for the Fall of Rome. (see 6th grade review and more outrageous examples)

This website is evidence that God MOVES when God wants. There was no chance of success when we began, we were laughed at by the academic elite defending their textbook. After dozens of interviews and webtraffic from all over the world, Houghton Mifflin sold for $920 million dollars less than it was purchased for the year before. (link) Other publishers took note and listened carefully to what a Texas School Board demanded of future textbooks, quoting exact quotes from this website. Halleluiah! God is good!

BlessedCause continues to provide exact quotes and extensive research on how our judicial and educational system became so corrupt. We discovered Clinton's involvement. Evidence seems to suggest that he cut a deal with Islamic leaders to legalize and protect Muslim indoctrination in our public schools. Clinton's Religious Expression in Public School guidelines was originally drafted with the help of  Abdurahman Alamoudi, currently sentenced to 23 years for terrorist activities. Alamoudi supports Hezbollah and Hamas. After reading our columns, our research was confirmed by Newsmax and WorldNetDaily, who in turn wrote their own articles on the subject further exposing many factions.  See parts also played by other government officials.

After two years of prayer, radio programs, an appearance on Fox News and syndicated columns, and with the help of other organizations and columnists, I was told that the Houghton Mifflin 2005 textbooks had been revised. I later found that liberal organizations were outraged because textbook companies were avoiding Houghton Mifflin's woes and contacting conservative organizations and asking for input.

But today, many schools are using the old textbooks, complete with quotes from Karen Armstrong.

Thanks to President Bush and his Presidential Guidelines, much of the damage from the Clinton administration has quelled...or is it that once the ruling that children may be REQUIRED to pray to Allah in public schools, the pressure subsided, waiting to be fully realized in due time. Demands to censor Christmas relaxed a bit with less reports of Allah worship. Since Obama has taken office and the direction he has taken us, I don't think there is much doubt. But I believe it will be fully realized with the NEXT president, one that will appear to be conservative yet fully armed with the building blocks of tyranny won by many puppet presidents preceding him.

There are even more avenues of Islamís propaganda forcing its way into our schools. While the TEXTBOOK issue has been nationwide, the Islam "simulation practices" are being promoted and implemented by school boards today (memorizing verses of praise and worship of Allah, stating Allah is the only god,  becoming Muslim, taking Muslim names, fasting for Ramadan, and even rewriting American history to give claim to Islam through the American Indians, which would give Islam the sovereign standing the American Indians enjoy today).

These simulation practices are not widespread like the textbook was, but attempts are being made by Islamic groups contacting school boards one by one nationwide. Iíve received emails from outraged parents who have confronted their school boards, only to realize the arrogant contempt many school administrators actually have for parents and our interference in their "politically correct" tyranny of pluralism on our children.

More and more articles are coming out exposing these crimes in our public schools. "Terror Suspect Contributed to School 'Religion Guidelines' " and
 "Thank Clinton for Islam in Public Schools" are two. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton previously ruled that mandating our children to "become Muslim" does not violate our religious freedom because the child in the lawsuit said he did not actually believe he became Muslim as he was instructed to mouth prayers of worship to Allah. (see actual court document, a pdf download) The 9th Circuit upheld the ruling (the most overturned Circuit court in the nation) but the US Supreme Court betrayed our children and would not review it. It is our contention that this is a form of educational slavery, forcing our children into religious practices and validating it because though they are required to do this physically, their minds do not have to follow. Under this line of reasoning, people can be forced to do things against their will because their minds are their own. Is this freedom?

As the US Supreme Court upheld Judge Hamiltonís outrageous opinion by refusing to hear it, our prediction that the Islam propaganda will explode across this nation is now realized. Oregon has already begun to implement Islamic indoctrination into the minds of precious children. More of these "supplemental curriculums" are already being produced and promoted.

BlessedCause also has extensive information on Islam and its holy books as well as source material for journalists.

Islam induction practices in public schools are the number one issue at BlessedCause. Many other groups have asked for their issues to be addressed, and we do have some, but I feel God has laid the issue of our children and what happens in public school on my heart and it must remain primary. After finding many pluralist and humanist psychology mandates for a credential in higher education, I hoped to take that on as well, but I realized God is much more keen on how our children are being manipulated at a young age than He is about the sad free choices of adults. God has such a huge heart for His children.

We do not realize how seriously we offend God when we corrupt His children, and recently, corrupt His word as Zondervan has now written a politically correct so-called-Bible worse than the NIV.

Though I have much hope for this nation as I watch our struggle to repent, and many saints continue to pray for God's mercy, the main cause of BlessedCause has been to prophesy God's wrath is near, and that message has been heard. Only God could have brought such international focus from those in power to blessedcause.

We also offer much on the woes of abortion, our country has blood on our hands.

We also believe God has special plans for Israel, please pray for her.

There is also an index of God's miracles and the personal experiences of Jen Shroder as well as much gratitude to our troops, God bless you!

Update 9/2010: I have been in such prayer about what to write, what can be done...for years I have studied Islam and with the controversy of the New York mosque, there is SO MUCH I could write about and have been asked to do so, but my fear is...it's too late. We were warned years ago through many pastors and at a time when international leaders actually read this website. We were called back to Him and as a nation, most of us laughed in His face. Wheels have been set in motion, I believe God's timing has begun, we turned our back on Him. We always knew the day would come.

It's coming.

To those of us who know Him, who have been in constant prayer for our nation, be of good cheer. God knows you. He will not forget you. We will go through trials but He will never leave us. And do not forget to continue to pray for Israel because He told us to.

To those of us who do not know Him, I urge you to get to know Him, fast. Seek Him while you still can.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Come quickly.


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