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On Glenn Beck 4th Hour
with Pat Gray and Jeffy
(just a call in, not as guest)
Aired 2/3/2012
 Islam in the Textbooks

With Alan Stang
of American Freedom Network in Colorado

  Listen to all of Stang clips in MP3 Format

Clip 1 "Imagine Jews kicked out" lesson

Clip 2 Muslim friends deceived

Clip 3 Koran in context, method of Muhammad
read details of "Method of Muhammad" and actual verses of Quran/Koran

Clip 4 Plots and ploys of Muhammad

Clip 5  Sample of what our kids are taught, listen for the end when a clip of pro-Islam tape is played

Clip 6 Samantha Eklund, 7th grader persecuted by teacher

Clip 7 Behind our backs

With Dave Congalton, KVEC, a liberal radio station in California. Prior to my appearance, KVEC had been broadcasting wild claims from "Annie" that I was only after money (I wasn't, listen to clip ) and victimizing the school, so I called in and they asked me to do this radio interview.

  Listen to ALL of Congalton clips  in MP3 format

Clip 1 Parents are very upset

Clip 2 Dancing to African gods - opponent trying to assert my son as a mama's boy

Clip 3 Laughed in my face

Clip 4 Seeds planted all over the book
read the ten page textbook review that gained national attention and an interview with William LaJeunesse of Fox News hosted by Brit Hume on Special Edition.

Clip 5 Christians made not forced

Clip 6 Answering calls on radio

Clip 7 Answering calls part 2, the fur flies  

Clip 8 Answering calls, Dennis continued

Clip 9 We have plenty of time

Clip 10 God's hand of protection has been lifting off of this nation (and no, it's not about money)

Also: Angel artwork discussed

Details of Hindu Tree of Life and Knowledge assignment discussed

Extra Clip Understanding the Christian position

With Kyal K2, KTalk AM 630 KTKK
"How Planned Parenthood Impacted My Youth"
  Part One, Two, Three, Four

Other Wav Clip:

  Listen to Shroder's column discussed on Fox News