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Islam Induction in our Public School Textbooks
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BlessedCause is packed with valuable information, but for quick reference, here are some key documents, well researched:

PDF of OFFICIAL COURT CASE of REQUIRED prayer to Allah: "You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help..."  approved by Judge Phyllis Hamilton for public school! We are currently waiting for ruling by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on this case

Quotes from "Across the Centuries" 7th grade textbook including "Assume you are  a Muslim soldier"
Across the Centuries (ATC) Teacher's Assignment

Two Complete Pages of ATC in Context (to respond to claims that quotes are taken out of context)

Shocking Islam handout telling children they will "Become Muslim" and the prayer to recite to allah , recently approved by federal judge in court case below

Government and professionals who got us into this mess INDEX

Mary Habeck, Yale Professors, excellent explanation of Islam, extremists

Held 8/24/04 with the House International Relations Committee with Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean from the 9/11 Commissionn

PhD's and Professionals Reviews of Textbooks confirming claims of indoctrination

Other journalists found the following when researching my facts:
    Look Who's Teaching Johnny About Islam
        WND  Paul  Sperry exposes Islam
Terror Suspect Helped Fight Christianity
NewsMax series by Wes Vernon

NEWS ARTICLES confirmation, including Associated Press, Washington Times, USA Today, WorldNetDaily

Textbook Index

Personal Testimony of Prayer to Allah in public school

Personal Testimony of School District's Abuse of Religious Freedom

Article Index about Islam indoctrination and Islam

(Excerpts of the following will comprise "Exhibit B" in The Case Against Pluralism and Islam in Public School)

Even the REAL Urban Legends confirmation, not the  Truth or Fiction imitation, exposed

for more information or help locating info, contact Jen through blessedcause.

I don't care about credit, I don't care if you name me or not as a resource, many don't because of my religious statements and that's fine. I just want the facts known, I want to protect our children from reprogramming, and the loss of religious freedom, so I'm here to help any way I can.