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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who's Groping Whom?
by Jen Shroder

With all of these waitresses shouting "groped!" by Arnold Schwarzenegger, I submit my own waitress song. I was a waitress through the 70's and 80's in Mammoth Lakes, a small town and celebrity ski resort that Arnold visited often.  I knew all the town talk and locals and if there was any groping going on, women were out to grope Arnold, as proved by what our local gossip columnist wrote in 1992:

"...Not skiing the top like any girly-girl was the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a longtime Mammoth regular. Rumor has it that Arnold's powerful thighs were responsible for the big slide down Climax. Hey Arnie, if you ever get tired of that Kennedy/Shriver chick you may want to give Bella a try. (Bella likes her beefcake.)"
[See full Mammoth Times article]
["Climax" is an advanced ski run]

It must be seriously hard to be a movie star sometimes, or a movie star's wife. (shaking head)

As far as Mammoth was concerned, Arnold had a sterling reputation as one of the most gracious to service workers, treating people with courtesy and was very down-to-earth. He was one of the most loved of all the celebrities that came to Mammoth. Though Arnold received open invitations bordering on insult, he treated us with dignity. Ask anyone in Mammoth that was around in those years.

I wrote and posted this before the election, when all the groping accusations hit, even though I whole-heartedly endorsed Tom McClintock as our next governor because of his more conservative views.

But this tactic and smear campaign by the Democrats and liberal media is wrong. I've seen first hand the vicious tactics used by Democrats, I can imagine how long it took to find a Democrat female to cry grope. About two seconds.

 I wanted  McClintock to win, but not because they drummed up what they could to ruin Arnold's reputation and have been hammering him with it ever since. Not when I know that Arnold has been so gracious to the service workers of Mammoth and to people in general. You meet all kinds of celebrities in Mammoth, very few could be spoken so well of. (The only other celebrity I know that comes close to Arnold's politeness is Henry Winkler).

Very few celebrities took the time to ask us how we were, what we thought of things, little words of encouragement that impressed us so much. And I honestly can't remember any celebrity that was as appreciated as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mammoth Lakes in the 80's. I never waited on him personally, but I knew those that did and saw him in passing at nightclubs and skiing.

Thank you Arnold for being so kind to "the little people," and now that you're governor...well, we'll pray very hard about your views (smile).

~by JenT, founder of BlessedCause.org
posted 10/5/03   updated 11/20/03

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