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John Walker Lindh & California school proselytizing

Islam proselytized in Public School

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  Gov. Schwarzenegger, Prop 8 and Gay Marriage
by Jen Shroder

California waits in hushed silence hoping America is still a democracy as militant gay activists once again demand control over our children in public schools through legalization of gay marriage. We have seen how gay marriage is used like a club to FORCE indoctrination on our children and to FORCE pastors to perform gay marriages or lose everything in lawsuits. Few are willing to stand up and speak out for fear of violence and retaliation and so we look to our leaders to uphold the law of the land, only to find Gov. Schwarzenegger is apparently cozying up with the likes of Jerry Brown AGAINST the people.

Meanwhile parents have been ARRESTED trying to remove their children from gay training in public schools. In one excerpt from a Los Angeles school district, approved porn has included "Young, Gay, & Proud," the author writes: "There are a lots of ways for gay men to have enjoyable sex. ... It's up to you to find out what you like and how you like to do it. ... Jerking off is a fun, safe and healthy way for guys to enjoy our bodies and fantasies." The author goes on to provide explicit details of how "gay men can make love." A note of encouragement follows profanity-laced tips on performing anal sex: "You may have to practice a bit before it starts feeling really good."

We used to count on the media to keep us aware of events in our nation, but our Mein Kampf media supports all things gay. An elderly woman was swarmed at the passing of Prop 8, her cross ripped out of her hand and stomped on while the liberal media reports, "There is a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides."


Michelle Malkin wrote of a Christian group being surrounded and sexually molested by gay activists for standing on a street corner. Businesses have been destroyed as donators were hunted down. White powder was sent to churches while others were protested with swastikas. In San Francisco, thugs chased down a group of people for praying on a street corner. In Westwood, a thousand protesters threatened to storm a Mormon Church while graffiti was sprayed. Vehicles painted with the words "Bigots live here" were left in front of homes of known supporters of Prop 8.

An activist judge threw out Pres. Bush’s Federal Marriage Amendment with the excuse that marriage rights are determined by PUBLIC POLICY of the state. Yet, WE, THE PEOPLE continue to be ignored by judges legislating from the bench and imposing their will over ours. We have witnessed the success of gay rights activists to enter our public schools and induce our young children to try homosexual behavior. We watch in disbelief as we hear incident after incident of parents being threatened by the removal of their children if they attempt to protect their children from homosexual conditioning. WE, THE PEOPLE, HAVE SPOKEN. We approved Prop 8!

If the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Prop 8, it is claimed to be instantly appealed to the US Supreme Court, but there is no guarantee the Supreme Court will hear it. This is how Judge Phyllis Hamilton’s outrageous ruling—that children may be REQUIRED to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah in public schools—quietly remains standing. It’s a strategic maneuver that has been pulled before and probably will be again. It gives a false sense of hope for justice to your average American serf while the Mein Kampf media quietly buries the announcement, quelling the masses while our rights are literally TRAMPLED AGAIN.

Gov. Schwarzenegger, when you ran for office and were smeared about groping women, I defended you, I knew you had treated women with respect because I lived in Mammoth, the ski resort you visited often. I wrote, "Who’s groping whom?" with this clip from our local paper:

"...Not skiing the top like any girly-girl was the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a longtime Mammoth regular. Rumor has it that Arnold's powerful thighs were responsible for the big slide down Climax. Hey Arnie, if you ever get tired of that Kennedy/Shriver chick you may want to give Bella a try. (Bella likes her beefcake.)" *

Now as everyone wrongly blames you for California’s budget woes, I remind people of your many attempts to fix it only to be VOTED DOWN on all the initiatives you gave us. But on this issue you have betrayed California. It's a war-zone out here! The people have voted! It’s your job to DEFEND OUR RIGHTS. Help "WE, THE PEOPLE" protect our children and America's freedom! Or forever be considered Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger by everyone that counted on you to do what is right.

Please help us. Defend our rights. Defend our people. I believe you really do love America, please show us. Now. You are not the judge but you do have influence. Do what you can to make it right.


Governor Schwarzenegger, Who's Groping Whom?

Judge Phyllis Hamilton: Ten Commandments are out, Allah is in

Before parents began protesting:
Lawmakers 'sanction' use of district-approved 'porn'
by Diana Lynne

Jen Shroder is founder of, an organization dedicated to restoring sanity to our public schools and exposing the Islamic indoctrination of American textbooks. Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media.

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