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Islamic 'Jihad' Choking Out Western Civilization
By April Shenandoah

"Presently, I am on my way to Washington, DC, to deliver to Congress, the Islam curriculum being taught in our public schools..."

At least 10 years ago, former President of Anne Klein II, Gayle Miller, told me there was a Moslem/Islamic plan to take over the world. I didn't really get what she was trying to convey, let alone knowing what Islam was even about. However, that statement stuck with me. In the last two years, my research and gut instincts have made me come to believe that Gayle was on to something long before 9/11.

Before anyone gets their blood pressure up, I am not talking about the Moslems that have come to America to fit into our culture, live peacefully, and to respect our laws of the land. God (and there is only one) has taught me to love all people and to pray for His "truth" to be revealed. The religious war of "Jihad" is my concern. Those who have been indoctrinated (brainwashed) into believing that the planet must be cleansed of all who do not conform to the "radical" Islamic faith, have been deceived by an evil force (Satan). Those who are on their holy rampage truly believe they are doing God's work, the same as Christians and Jews believe they are doing what they are called to do. However, this does not give us any reason or excuse to set back and let the "Jihad" destroy our American way of life. Hear me! The Islamic (Jihad) goal is the complete and total conquest of Western civilization - chocking out our ideals, traditions, sacred values and religions, and thus wiping out the culture of our American heritage.

Presently, I am on my way to Washington, DC, to deliver to Congress, the Islam curriculum being taught in our public schools, put forth in the 2003 teacher's edition of Across the Centuries by Houghton Mifflin (blessedcause.org). In California this course has been in these books for 11 years. Since 9/11 this Islamic teaching has come to the forefront, catching the attention of parents and the media. It is a three month extensive course (depending on the teacher) designed to educate young children about Islam. It is turned into a game by having the students pick a Muslim name, learn the Qur'an and repeat the prayers, by visiting a Mosque and dressing as little Muslim's, some as little soldiers. Christianity is also mentioned in these textbooks, but only briefly and in a negative context. Islam is glorified and presented as a peaceful religion. This is blatant indoctrination, but if one opposes it they are belittled and told they are intolerant to the views of others.

The Saudi Ministry of Religion is behind the building of mosques and schools in this country, and around the world. The Qur'an is drilled into the young children attending these institutions, learning little else. This is the fertile ground where they are recruited to fight this Holy War. Recently I learned that the Saudi Ministry (Saudi government) control these mosques and schools. It is said that hate and war against America is being taught right under our noses. There are also camps on our own soil that are teaching Muslim children to be good little soldiers, raising them up to be martyrs - be assured there are little girls and boys from American families attending as well. At times it appears as if our government is unaware and stupid, however, they know exactly what is going on. So why do we not hear a peep from the President, or the Congress? Instead, Muslim leaders who contribute to "terrorism" are given the red-carpet treatment in the White House.

With thousands of Moslems converging on Michigan, it is rapidly becoming the Moslem capitol, especially Dearborn, MI. To my understanding, one of the biggest mosques in the country is being built there. This Moslem infiltration has certainly not been by accident or coincidence. Suddenly we have awakened to find the Islamic persuasion in most every community and business. Many times I get the feeling that they are placed strategically in their posts, waiting for the day when they get their orders to claim their "top-dog" position in this country. Biblically we know religious persecution of Christians/Jews is eminent, but perhaps it will come by "Jihad" instead of where we thought it was going to come from. My drivers license needs renewed next year -- perhaps I better get my burkah dry-cleaned.

Note: Blessedcause.org is a great resource for educating yourself and others on what is taking place concerning religion or lack of it, and the teaching of Islam in our public schools. Jen Shroder needs our support.


April Shenandoah served as the Los Angeles press contact for Pat Robertson's 1988 presidential campaign. A political activist, she hosted the cable TV show "The Bottom Line." Her weekly column, Politics & Religion appears in the Tolucan Times in LA. Shenandoah is the author of "So...Help Me God" (An inspired Letter/Book to Bill Clinton). Her passion subject is - Separation of Church and State.

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