From Concerned Women From America
by Beverly LaHaye

Dear Concerned American,

What I am about to tell you in this letter is so outrageous you may find it hard to believe.  I was astounded myself. I could not believe that our nation had fallen so far.  But the reports here are true.

I have warned many times that our children are under attack.  Now I'm writing to sound the alarm that the situation is even worse than I thought.  I'll tell you more details in a moment, but here's just a sample of what I've discovered:

bulletCross-dressing promoted to grade-school children
bulletGraphic instruction in "gay" sex taught to teenage boys and girls
bulletArmed guards posted to keep parents out of high school assemblies led by radical homosexual activists
bulletA book - published by a taxpayer-funded university - that endorses sex between children and adults!

I've warned about this for many years.  Now the evidence is beyond dispute: there is an evil scheme aimed at destroying our children.

The attack comes on many fronts.  It aims to expose children to sex at earlier and earlier ages... to rob them of their innocence and open them up to immoral and unhealthy practices... to set them up to accept messages of "safe sex" and homosexuality... to usher them into becoming advocates for - and ultimately participants in - sexual promiscuity, sodomy, bisexuality, and transgenderism.

These reports confirm my worst fears about this scheme.  The time is short!

Radical homosexual activists have long said, "Whoever controls the schools, controls the future."  If they can convince the next generation that homosexuality is "just another lifestyle," there will be no stopping them.

Even more chilling:  If they can lure a whole generation of young people to explore "alternative" sexual behavior... to discover their "gay side"... they will have a whole new generation of young, willing sex partners.

Their first step is to promote gender confusion.  Nothing I have ever seen promises to confuse kids more than a lesson guide obtained and given to me by one of the researchers here at CWA.


The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, also known as "GLSEN, is pushing a grade-school curriculum book that promotes cross-dressing.  This book was created by a homosexual parents group at the Buena Vista Elementary School in San Francisco.  It includes a lesson based on a children's book titled "Jesse's Dream Skirt."

As incredible as it sounds, this is real!

The story is about a young boy named Jesse who likes trying on his mother's dresses, and dreams of a skirt "that whirled, twirled, flowed and glowed, and felt soft inside."

Jesse's mom helps him make a skirt, and he wears it to daycare, where his classmates make fun of him.  The daycare teacher, Bruce, gathers the children together and says, "Jesse loves his skirt.  Why are some of you making fun of him?"  A girl says, "Well, I wear pants.  Why can't Jesse wear a skirt?"

A boy, Mike, says that one day his mother let him dress upin her old dresses and hats.  "It was a lot of fun," he said, until his father came in and yelled at him, saying, "Take off that dress, I don't want my son to be a sissy!"  Mike told his daycare classmates, "I don't know, - I still don't see what was wrong with it."

The children and their teacher discuss the issue and most of hte children end up liking Jesse's skirt.  Some even start making dresses themselves.

The book ends with Jesse twirling around in his "dream skirt," with his boy-style underwear showing.  The companion lesson plan says the "key message" of "Jesse's Dream Skirt" is: "Respect means keeping our minds open.  Having open minds means giving people freedom to be who they want to be."

I don't know what's worse: encouraging boys to wear dresses, or the negative portrayal of Mike's father.  Children who study "Jesse's Dream Skirt" are getting the message that their parents' view of morality cannot be trusted.

Lest you think this sort of insanity is restricted to California, take a loot at this next report, straight from the Midwest.

Armed Security Guard Ejects Mother of Student from School Assembly on Homosexuality

This really made me angry when I heard about it!

The incident took place in St. Louis, Missouri last year just after school had started for fall.  Debra Loveless, whose daughter attends Metro High School, heard that GLESEN was conducting a school-sponsored assembly.

Loveless had told school officials that she considered the event inappropriate.  When she tried to view it for herself, she was escorted out of the assembly by an armed security guard.  (Just for wanting to view it!)

Can you believe the arrogance of those school administrators!

We may never know all of what those dear young people were exposed to during that assembly.  But if GLSEN's past performance is any indication, the material was corrupting an destructive.

GLESEN has produced some of the most foul "educational" material in the dishonorable history of sex education.  Two years ago, CWA uncovered a pornographic teaching session conducted in Massachusetts by GLSEN.

During that workshop, homosexual instructors indoctrinated children as young as 14 years old.  The children heard detailed descriptions of perverted sex acts, including the dangerous practice known in homosexual slang as "fisting."


After it was exposed, that session sparked outrage across the nation.  It was such a scandal that it became known as "Fistgate."  GLSEN leaders responded by becoming much more secretive.  Apparently this has led them to keep parents out of their workshops like the one in St. Louis.

So it has come to this.  Our tax dollars foot the bill for homosexual propaganda to poison our children's minds and defile their hearts.  And when parents want to find out what's going on, they get thrown out of public schools by armed guards!

It's time for parents and grandparents to stand up and fight to protect our children.  We can't think that just because it hasn't happened in our school yet that it never will!  The radical homosexual activists won't stop with just the California schools.  They won't stop with just the big city schools.  They won't stop until they have reached every school in the nation.


The University of Minnesota Press has just published Judith Levine's Harmful to Minors:  The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex.  This book includes such outrageous statements as, "Sex is not harmful to children... There are many ways even the smallesst children can partake of it."

On another page, the author gushes over a "lush and mysterious" photo of a "naked 3- or 4-year-old."  Quoting a variety of pedophiles, Levine says children are not necessarily harmed by sex with adults.

She also advocates that America adopt a law like Holland's that legalizes sex between adults and children as young as 12!

It's unbelievable, but this book is defended by the liberal media elite.

I'm shocked and heartbroken.  But we should not be surprised.  America's standars of sexual morality have been belittled as "taboos," and been worn down step by step.  Today, almost nothing is off limits.

Sex between adults and children is just the next barrier to be torn down.  How long will it take these radical activists to achieve their next evil objective?

Our grade-school children are already being taught that cross-dressing is just wonderful self-expression.  Graphic details of perverted sex practices are already being taught to high school children, and parents are being locked out of assemblies taught by radical homosexual activisits. 

We must - and we can - stop this.  NOW!

I grieve for our children and grandchildren.  And I fear for our nation if we do not stand up to this assault of immorality and defeat it.  I was reminded of a passage in the Old Testament book of the prophet Ezekiel.  In Chapter 22, the Lord recounts the many sins of Jerusalem, including many examples of sexual immorality and perversity.  Finally God says,

"I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none."

We need people who stand in the gap for our children and for America.  I ask you to do three things.
bullet First, pray.  This attack is spiritual, and we must fight back on our knees to defend our schools and our children.
bulletNext, [join Concerned Women for America, contact through the web at  This organization organizes petitions, etc.]
bulletFinally, send a gift to help CWA fight our part of the battle (to CWA not BlessedCause, no affiliation)

If we act together, we can stand in the gap and halt this stealthy assault on our children.

I have CWA's tireless staff hitting this issue head on.  We're knocking on doors of policymakers on Capitol Hill.  We're taking the debate to the networks, the cable TV channels, and the newspapers that shape public opinion.  And we're keeping a close eye on the evildoers to expose them when they make their next move.

To do all of this we need your help.  Your gift today will help CWA maintain our powerful voice in defense of Biblical values.

More and more, the pro-family movement is turning to CWA for leadership.  If we are unable to stand in the gap for our children, who will do it?  We know the radical homosexual activists and all their allies intent on corrupting our children will not give up.  They think they can lure our children into depravity while we sit by and do nothing.

I refuse to allow it!

Please join with me to stop this wicked agenda now.


Beverly LaHaye
Founder and Chairman

PS  I've learned that GLSEN now boasts a budget of 3.5 million and a membership of more than 1,200 homosexual-activist educators.  Their mission is to promote homosexuality and gender confusion in the schools under any guise that works.  We must take strong, decisive action now before we lose our schools! 

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Beverly is the wife of the world famous Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind series.


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