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I have no right to throw stones at a homosexual.  In my own life, my grandmother’s generation would have called me a slut, but by today's standards, I'm a "modern woman" that actually did less than most.  But regardless of what others do, I am a modern day Mary Magdalene, whom God loved in spite of her lifestyle.  I was in the middle of the affair of my life when friends dragged me kicking and screaming to a Bible study.  I began to know God through the Bible, and I loved Who I found.  And it wasn’t until I began to have a relationship with Him that the Holy Spirit patiently opened my eyes to the fire I was playing with which was about to burn me.  I realized how offensive my lifestyle was to Him.  It was then, by His grace, His loving patient empowering, that I was able to give up my lifestyle.  What if those friends had beat me up with the Bible before God touched my heart? Before I invited Him to change me after I got to know Him?   I shudder to think. 

I could not have changed myself, my appetites, my desires.  God can change our hearts if we invite Him to.  Why should we do that?  Because the things he warns us against, sexual immorality, murdering, lying, gossiping, false idols, all of it, HURTS. Both ourselves and others.  And God does not want to see us hurt.  Do you claim your lifestyle doesn’t hurt you and you live like I used to?  Give it time.  Unwanted pregnancies, AIDS, sexual diseases, those consequences HURT.  I gave a child up for adoption years ago, that HURT!  Beyond anything I imagined it would.

God says “Come to Me” and He doesn’t tell us to wait until we’re perfect.  Truth is none of us are.  Think I’m talking from a self-righteous lifestyle now?  Really?  Can I claim I NEVER have a lustful thought?  Can any single Christian?  God says if I lust in my heart it’s a sin.  God hates all sin and is the whole reason Jesus died on the cross, so we can be right in the eyes of God and the Holy Spirit indwells us.  God certainly doesn’t expect us to clean up our act before we give our lives to Him.  That’s all it takes, to say God, I know I’ve sinned, forgive me, come into my life and change me.”  And He does.  And when we fail, He not only forgives when we confess, HE FORGETS.  We strive to live sin free because we love Him, we are grateful for His Son who died that we are pure and holy.  But can I throw stones at anyone else?  Absolutely not. 

So please, don’t misunderstand me when I sound the horn about the militant gay movement that has gotten so powerful that it dares to attempt to teach Christian kids that homosexuality is something to embrace.  I know it comes all wrapped up very pretty as an effort to instill “tolerance” but there are better ways to teach tolerance. It's become common knowledge that those pushing to teach these classes are militant homosexual groups, many with an eye on pedophilia.

School districts have defended the method of teaching our kids to “imagine being a Muslim soldier.”  Will they next tell our kids to “imagine being a homosexual, not that we’re telling you to be that way! But just imagine you’re doing that anyway.”  Does anyone else see a problem with this?     

THESE ARE CHILDREN.  And they are IMPRESSIONABLE.  I was shocked when a school official told me my 4th grade son had the choice to object to dancing to African gods, which his teacher took him to see at a school assembly.  One would think the school official considered my son a discerning adult.  We, as parents, tell our children to trust, respect and obey their teachers.   Many of us are working moms who come home mentally exhausted to backlogged dirty laundry and a hungry family.  We want to spend some time with our kids, ask them what they learned in school.  Do they EVER tell us?  NO.  That’s the LAST thing they want to talk about.  So does this working mom or dad with precious little time for their child spend time analyzing their school books?  Is the blame with the moms and dads?  No.

Is it the school teachers?  Are they the ones violating our trust?  They are teaching what they are given to teach.  They are doing their job, though some are more than happy to promote homosexuality. Oh  pray for strength for the Christian teachers who can discern through the eyes of God what’s happening in our school system!

Is it the State?  YES.  Governor Davis has assigned task forces to further homosexuality in California. The Catholic Church has FINALLY taken a stand and is objecting to Davis taking communion as he promotes abortion in California. If you live in California, please get involved in the recall.

God tells me to love my neighbor.  Throughout these weeks and the textbook issue, He has continually reminded me that school district officials are not my enemies, that He loves these people, He DIED for these people, some of them He has left the 99 for and is seeking.    NOBODY is my enemy, not the government official, not the teachers, and certainly not the homosexual.  We battle not flesh and blood but principalities.  That means our target is the MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT, not the homosexual himself.  I would invite a homosexual to come to church with me and rejoice if they came!  Even as they were in that lifestyle, just as my friends invited me to Bible study knowing who I slept with back then.  They knew and I testify, there is a far better lifestyle!!!  It’s Jesus!  And He can change our hearts desires if we ask Him to!

In the meantime, WE OBJECT to anyone teaching our children it is “okay to be a homosexual.”  I can tolerate many things, I can close my eyes to what other people are doing, God gave them that choice, but when you try to teach that to my child, I take action.

God told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and that is where our tolerance comes in.  If a person calls themselves Christian and acts in hate, is that a Christian?  God said, “You will know My people by their love.”  I am not always loving myself, I lose my temper at times, but the Holy Spirit sure let’s me know it’s time to apologize, and I do.  People of the world don’t know the Holy Spirit so how can they know any better?  Do non-believing parents want their children to be homosexual?  I grieve for people that don’t know the Lord because the consequences are so very grave.  But although I have compassion, DO NOT teach our children that homosexuality is an option.  And that is the message they hear when they are told “It’s okay to be a homosexual.”

“Opt your child out,”  I’m told by many.  That’s all well and good, but our children will be sharing high school gym lockers with kids who are told that it is “okay to be homosexual” and given ideas.  Is this a set-up for a lawsuit to the State or what?  Who is running the State?

Do you think your children are safe because you don’t live in California?  Guess again.  Because California is the ground breaker for the nation in many areas.  Before it comes to YOUR state, join us, and protest this unbelievable militant gay movement!

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