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An Alert to all Californians and the nation:


Dear Friend:

On Tuesday, 7 Jan 03, the City of San Luis Obispo, California adopted a resolution "opposing unilateral preemptive military action against Iraq by the United States." I totally disagree with the Council's action and believe that such resolutions give aid and comfort to our enemies. In response to the city's action, I am assisting in circulating the "Freedom Is Not Free" Statement.

The Statement and signature page is attached. Response can be via email or snail mail. Please send it to your email lists at your earliest convenience. It can be printed as a petition, forwarded as an attachment, or copied into the body of an email.

We're hoping to get hundreds of names back to us by Feb. 1 so that we can additionally place a full-page newspaper spread shortly thereafter.

You can use my email comments as is, change to suit, or delete my email and forward the Statement to your lists along with a short preamble in your own words that explains why it is so important that people speak up now!

Tom Bordonaro

Click here for petition or write to


Please voice your support for our troops, here and abroad, and our deep gratitude for the sacrifices they are prepared to make as the price for our freedom.  We particularly want to thank our veterans and those who paid the ultimate price when called upon to defend our country.  We stand united in support of any and all necessary and appropriate diplomatic and military options that serve to protect our loved ones, our communities and our nation.

Please write to but be sure to let them know if you are writing as a San Luis Obispo resident or an American outside of SLO.  Your voice counts either way, but we do need to know.  Thank you so much and God bless.

Click here for petition.

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