President Bush and Iraq
by Jen Shroder

Common sense opposes these ridiculous conspiracy theories manufactured by Democrats.

If intelligence about weapons of mass destruction was fabricated so that Bush could take over Iraq, don't you think he would have also planned to have WMDs planted immediately after we won? If he was so devious as to lie and start an unnecessary war as the Democrats would have us believe, (twirling my hair), wouldn't he have known there would be no weapons to find? Do the Democrats actually expect us to believe that President Bush planned to be shredded and hounded for months about the whereabouts of these WMDs that he supposedly knew didn't exist? For a man able to pull off such a coup d'état, that was rather short sighted...Boys, you'll need to strengthen the bleach of my blondness a thousand times if you expect me to believe that one.

How many months did we give Saddam Hussein to move his WMDs out of Iraq as we wasted time negotiating with the UN? How many times did Hussein threaten us with chemical warfare? I forgot, how did Hussein account for all the documented weapons of mass destruction again? Oh let's just wave all that off and claim the President made it all up.

I remember when the World Trade Center happened and these same Democrats were screaming that the President should have known in advance it was going to happen and protect us.  Now that the President has done something, they're screaming that it costs too much and it's still not enough.

What a bunch of babies. I used to do child care. If the children I took care of screamed, ranted and raved like the Democrats, I would have quit and moved to Israel. I'd rather sidestep the bombings than listen to this whining.  How does the President take it? I said it before, there's a murderer trying to break in and we're screaming like babies for a bottle of milk. Would somebody please hand the Democrats a pacifier? THERE IS A MURDERER IN THE HOUSE. THE PRESIDENT HAS A JOB TO DO. 

Please continue to pray for our president who has displayed such courage and strength that America has lacked for too long. In spite of what the Democrats would have us believe, this man is a man of God and truly a modern day hero.  God bless you, President Bush.

      ... now about those textbooks...   

okay, okay, please pray for the Democrats especially. Somehow I'm sure they mean well and I apologize for being so sarcastic, but come on!  (this post is right on the edge of  offending the Holy Spirit...please forgive me, I'm still reeling about the Davis Recall Plot) ~jen

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