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The Rape of California

The people voted against gay marriage. It's the law. Yet Lady Justice has been violated, bruised and bloodied in the muck and mire of San Francisco.

Mayor Newsom was the first to openly rape her, breaking the law and forcing gay marriage upon her. Floods of gay activists followed, deliberately falsifying marriage documents, ignoring the will of the people as they scratched out "bride" and "groom" on the form.

The people cry out for Justice, but nobody in California hears.

So far, Governor Schwarzenegger has remained on the sidelines along with the judges, watching as Lady Justice is violated over and over again, over 3,000 times.

President Bush does what he can to reach from the White House to help, calling for a constitutional amendment to protect marriage, but it will take time. Meanwhile, Governor Schwarzenegger continues to watch the rape of Lady Justice from the sidelines and says, "I think since we have a state law, I think those issues should be left to the state, so I have no use for a constitutional amendment or changing that at all."

Are you enjoying the show, Arnie?

It seems as though Schwarzenegger is doing just fine, hangin' with the boys and turning down help as they watch the rape continue.

But this isn't the first time that Justice has been violated by judges. Lady Justice was originally depicted with a blindfold to show impartiality; but California judges seem to be blind to right and wrong.

Case after case, violation after violation to human dignity, morality, the law of the land has been twisted and contorted to defend pedophiles and pornography, perverting our nation and what she stands for. Pornography is used to teach children how to perform anal sex (1) in Los Angeles School Districts, and "if it doesn't feel good at first, keep trying."

Hands are held by strangers as our daughters are led to slaughter their unborn babies through Planned Parenthood. Parents must fill out triplicate forms for their children to receive an aspirin in school, while children are assisted to leave school campuses in pursuit of abortions without notification to parents. Bills are passed allowing schools to teach California children homosexual "sex education" without parental consent.

No, Lady Justice has been violated many times already. And as she lays bruised and bleeding in the muck of the streets of San Francisco, watched by California legislators and government officials unwilling to help her, many Californians weep. The Californians that voted. The Californians that hoped for goodness and dignity for their children, free to live and breathe without pervasive perversion at every turn.  

And the militant gay activists dance in the streets, drunk in the revelry, celebrating as other states cheer on and follow suit, ripping the fabric of our nation apart at the seams.

Is there no one left in California that will stand up for Justice, for the law, for the people, for the dignity of a nation, or will we continue to be raped, choking back our tears and weeping in muffled silence in the muck and mire, crying for our children.

by Jen Shroder
Permission to repost freely given

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(1) Shocking porn used as educational material and other articles

Previously defended Gov. Schwarzenegger in "Whose Groping Who"

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