How Clinton Sold
Our Nation to Islam


Expanded 12/24/03  ~ JenT

(1) Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity (excellent read!)

Excerpt: "In Feb of 2002, my cohost, Alan Colmes, and I had the opportunity to talk with the man who tried to broker the deal between the Sudanese and the Clinton-Gore White House to deliver bin Laden into U.S. custody. His name is Mansoor Ijaz, and his story is remarkable..." (pg 17)

(1 Details) List of terrorist bombings during Clinton's term and his response

(1b) Excerpts of various articles showing Clinton's close ties to Muslim organizations

(2) Original Guidelines with only 8 carefully selected groups named at government site

(2a) Clinton's Guidelines with loophole clauses in red's%20Loopholes.htm

(3)  Original Guidelines with ALL 35 groups, posted at ACLU site through Google...(different from what the ACLU shows 12/28/03!)

(a) California's State Standards thinly veiled definition of "Critical Thinking"

(4) Two Articles of ACLU's battle to outlaw Bible: :

Excerpt: "In Florida, the ACLU has been attempting to block the Bible curriculum’s introduction into the Miami-Dade School District, the nation’s fourth largest. However, NCBCPS has been making Floridians aware of the types of cases the ACLU prosecutes. Apparently, they’ve struck a nerve, because the ACLU has now hired a lobbyist to hinder the Bible course’s introduction into the schools."

(5) Mandated Quran reading at University of North Carolina,2933,57093,00.html
ACLU Assaults Constitution, Promotes Islam by Dr. John Hagee

(6) Soundvision Website:
(6a) Quote, School Students Receptive to New Ideas

(7) Article about CIE

(8)  Nick Schou, "Pulling His Cheney," OC [Orange County] Weekly, Oct. 26, 2001

(9) Article at Middle East Forum regarding the CIE

(10) Media outcry [also on Fox News, dozens of radio talk shows]

(11) Contradictory quote from Houghton Mifflin Editing Director

(12) Article about CAIR by WND.Com

(13) Across the Centuries review with quotes

(13a) Actual Byron County handouts, "Islam, A Simulation"

(13b) Quick, short review of Modern World History, Patterns of Interaction

(14) Teachers Assignments of Across the Centuries, beliefs repeated by students as fact

(15) Public school children asked to fast for Ramadan

(16) Children asked to get on hands and knees to pray to Allah
and don robes, memorize Quran, play Jihad games:

(17) A Message of Ancient Days propaganda

(18)  Index of Textbook Reviews by PhD's and professionals:

(19) Webstat Evidence of IAEA links to BlessedCause

(20) Webstat list of Countries making monthly "top 30" by visits to BlessedCause:

(20a) Quotes of the Quran/Koran

(21) President Clinton's "Ramadan Message" 

(22a) Clinton's rush to approve abortion cocktail, FDA dropped own guidelines to comply. Holly Patterson

(22) & (23) Two articles about Hillary's outrageous defense of public funding debasing the Virgin Mary and America    &

Excerpt: "Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili's painting the Holy Virgin Mary is becoming a political hot potato in New York - with Hillary Clinton attacking mayor Rudolph Giuliani's threat to withdraw funding from the gallery exhibiting it."

(24) Alamoudi's arrest, Hillary's Islam friend and advisor

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I implore writers, authors, columnists to please consider the extensive documentation and facts for your own viewpoint and style to rewrite this topic. This is not stealing, I am ASKING you to receive the ball and run with it for the touchdown. I am not a writer, I'm an outraged mom who found facts that need to be exposed, and I don't want to stand in the way because I can't run/write. Please please rewrite, copy or post in part or in full without permission. Just don't sign my name to something I didn't write. I don't care about credit, I care about our kids, and I am BEGGING serious writers to do their part and expose this atrocity for their sake. Thanks, jent

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