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Muhammad always said that Abraham, Moses and Jesus were his predecessors. The Quran is quite clear about Jesus by denying him the divine nature. It is this which divides Islam from Christianity with their faith in Jesus Christ, the only son of God born at the beginning of the world. In effect, through the Quran, God says, "God cannot be penetrated. He has no offspring. He has no father, NONE is equal to him."

[I was honestly surprised they said Jesus is the only son of God...even though they made it clear the Qurían has made it "quite clear" and denied His divinity. Jesus as the Son of God is the cornerstone of Christianity, this is not something that can be dismissed. They also qualified it as our belief...something they didnít do throughout this whole video glorifying Allah]

The Muslim community deeply believes that everything that is taking place is the divine will and is best for the community. Destiny, after all, is in the hands of Allah, and every Muslim will be fulfilled of his expectation by God, even if this fulfillment is deferred to the day of judgment. The way Muslims think of themselves, the way they interpret the meaning of life, is the fact that human beings are created like everything else in the universe, by force, which neither they understand nor control. Men come into existence and pass away not by their own choice and decision, but by an overwhelming power beyond their comprehension.

[finally, a qualifier... "Muslim community deeply believes..." But then they follow with the explanation, "Destiny, after all, is in the hands of Allah...]

video pause for Muslim prayers in Arabic

(Slow determined voice: )"I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the servant and apostle of Allah."

...The fourth pillar of Islam is this month of fasting. More faithfully observed than Lent in the Christian world requires the faithful to refrain from food and drink from dawn to dusk, in spirit of sacrifice and purification out of respect for this month, when the revelation came down to the earth for the first time.


The fifth and last pillar of the faith is pilgrimage to Mecca, [said dripping with cherishment], the holiest place of Islam. Here, the sense of community reaches its highest points with the really universal dimension. [Arabic prayers in background]. Looking at this crowd, so mixed in nationality, culture and wealth, we have to put to ourselves a question [slowly and deliberately]: How has Islam kept this unity for 13 centuries? This belief in the soul of God of whom Muhammad is the prophet?

[perhaps at the edge of a sword? Muslims are tortured, imprisoned and killed if they convert to Christianity or deny Allah...but this isnít the answer they are trying to lead children to. They should have said,

"This belief in the soul of God AND THAT Muhammad is the prophet..."

but they didnít. They are stating once again Muhammad IS the prophet and leading our children to conclude it happened by divine will]

...The Quran has generally mentioned [Muslim prayers chanting in background] zaqat after prayer and has enjoined it as an important foundation of the divine religion which has been the creed of the former prophets in all ages.

[Why are our children told Islam is the divine religion?]

[Much is written about women, moved to the end. There is a long pause and would suspect a splice to a different video at this point. Focus is on the split after Muhammadís death, then...]

"Do not yield yourselves out to the infidels, struggle against them drawing strength from the Quran. Fight the agents of satan, his traps are truly weak."

The word of God made the inhabitants of Arabia forget their squabbles and transformed them into historical figures. The reasons for the overwhelming victories of young Islam are partially beyond our knowledge. How did the Arabs come to break out of their desert at a single stroke and abandon the life they knew as merchants, caravan followers and shepherds? There was a sudden explosion of energy reaching further and further in successive waves and a conversion of the conquered country was measured by the enthusiasm of the warriors and genius of the leaders.

[Talk about leading to undesired conclusions!]

"If 20 bold men are to be found among you, they are worth 200. If you have 100, they will be worth a thousand unbelievers."

Facing the attack of a handful of ill-equipped nomads, the two great empires of Byzantium and Sassanid Persia revealed themselves as impotent.

[There is that Allah will again]

...Capturing from Byzantium, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, installing themselves in Tripoli, landing on Cyprus and after numerous battles, conquering the whole of Persia, advancing toward India and Central Asia, ALL this in 25 years.

[So does that mean that all the gods of successful conquerors were true as well?]

To account for such EXTRAORDINARY successes, the high middle ages finds no explanation other than divine will. For some the invaders were the supernatural forces of the anti-Christ, for others they were judges sent by God.

Certainly the religious element must not be underestimated. The new faith, praising its discipleís struggles, promising them victory or paradise played a determining role.

[a′ la suicide bombers]

"We shall grant a reward without limit to whoever fights along Godís road, whether he be killed or victorious."

[History repeats itself, except TODAY we are teaching our children and flooding the media that Islam is peaceful even as they are killing us]

...Moreover, these two great empires had been exhausting themselves in skirmishes and wars for many generations, capturing and recapturing the provinces which Islam was about to take for good. ("about to take for good" slowed down and emphasized with finality).

[Not only do the producers of this video state as fact that Allah is god, they also state as fact that Islam will be victorious for good.]

Come face to face with the invaders, the barbarous Europe of the Lombards and the Franks seemed for a long time incapable of any reaction, petrified for fear of seeing Christianity disappear beneath the forces of the anti-Christ.

[Or maybe, like us, they just werenít paying attention, or were told Islam was peaceful...]

The Spain which we are looking at here, with all signs of Christianity deeply integrated into every day life, was nonetheless shaped by Islam for eight centuries.

The conquest was easy.

[so it will be if John Kerry gets into office]

[Much about mosques edited out]

[The following and the theme of this video is amazing. They admit they conquered nations by sword (though they left out many slaughters and selling women and children as slaves...) They talk about the Crusades and the violence, but itís only wrong when others fight. When Islam conquers through violence, they claim:

The violence of the conquest has been forgotten. Islam, as a civilization, has left behind enormous traces on the continent of Europe. For several centuries, the different faiths have mingled, bringing about the peaceful relationships which are the only ones that can insure the peace of the world.

[Back and forth, congratulations and divine intervention when Islam wins, peace once they have the land...sounds familiar]

From here the Muslims, bearers of the word of the prophet, made themselves known in successive raids along the valley of the Hindus and then, throughout all India. These were bold excursions, the results of which came to be of more and more importance to the future of India...the real Muslim conquest of India began.

[death and mayhem by "bold excursions." Somebody call the white house, we could call our trouble in Fallujah a "bold excursion."]

...While looking at these scenes of progress, roads under construction, airports, bridges, universities and harbors, the question has to be asked. What will the future of Islam be?

Let us look at one of the Muslim countries, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Islam began. New schools, colleges and universities teach the young Muslim generation modern techniques within the frame of Islamic principals.

[Exactly. The Madrassahs and textbooks full of hatred for us found today in Saudi Arabia are within the frame of Islamic principals.]

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