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Islam and Women
From the video

The Quran also gives guidelines for upgrading the womenís status in the society. For instance, a man is permitted to marry up to only four wives at the same time, but he must treat them equally and women have the right to inherit property.

[It must have been worse before Islam]

In the case of divorce, Islam does not involve a complicated or a long procedure. The grounds for divorce in Islam however are more liberal than in the west. They are not limited to proving adultery or cruelty or long separation. The couple may apply for separation simply when they realize they cannot live together happily for any reason. When divorce is completed, the wife has to wait a certain period of time after separation of her husband, by death or divorce, before she can remarry.

[ does that explain Zorah, whom I met, desperately trying to escape her husband who told me her husband had the right to kill her for leaving him?]

In the case of custody of children, Islam proscribed that the mother who is not incapacitated by a mental, moral or religious cause, has the first right to custody of her child, boy or girl, until the child reaches the age of 7, when the right of custody reverts to the father. The father has to support the child until such time as he can manage by himself if a boy, or gets married if a girl.

[Mom is incapacitated by her religion?]

A girl does not have to earn her own living. Her support is the duty of her father until she marries.

[Is this how they describe it when they lock the women in the house and daughters canít go to school?]

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