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Death by Spaghetti Light Bulbs
Obamanation's Assault on Freedom
by Jen Shroder - free to repost

My doctor waved his arms dramatically, "Do you realize how INSANE that would be to distribute mercury light bulbs all over the nation?"

He was laughing. I had asked him to test me for mercury poisoning. I had broken a CFL light bulb some time ago and thought nothing of it until the executive director of an environmental agency (a former So.Cal. wastewater official) strongly urged me to see a doctor after learning how I swept up the spaghetti bulb of mass destruction. So there I was, and he was laughing. But I didnít need to convince him, I just told him what was written on government websites and he ran out of the room to check for himself. He was gone a long time and came back stunned. He wasnít laughing. Holding a couple of printouts from medical sites, he randomly read me clips that were "all over the board."

My doctor was incredulous at my concern, now heís incredulous at what weíre about to do to our ecosystem and somberly ordered my blood test.

The treatment for mercury poison is radical infusions, not some gentle little pill that would clean up the blood. He explained to me that mercury has a "half life," constantly filtered out of our blood by half after just a few days. So by now I wouldn't have need of treatment.

Great. Except it went to my brain, kidneys and eyes. "Hey doc, how come you checked the medical sites and not the government ones?" I asked. "I did, but the information was buried" His exact words.

According to his standard info, "very little metallic mercury (less than 0.01%) is absorbed by the body, even if it is swallowed. HOWEVER, IF THE SAME MERCURY IS INHALED AS A VAPOR, ABOUT 80% IS ABSORBED INTO THE BLOODSTREAM AND ABOUT 95% OF METHYL MERCURY IS ABSORBED BY THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT." (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)

Methyl mercury is a vapor in those little white spaghetti grenades. ONE spaghetti bomb will contaminate 6,000 gallons of water. One teaspoon of mercury will pollute a 20 acre lake FOREVER. We are on the brink of mass producing our own weapons of mass destruction for common household use, and since we have been resistant to the new light bulb, Obamanation is working to FORCE it down our throats by outlawing all others..

So how much mercury is safe? The wording from the government (link below) COMPARES A BROKEN LIGHT BULB TO A CAR CRASH.

"Fluorescent lights are energy efficient and help reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change. These lights are able to accomplish this because they contain small amounts of mercury. Mercury is a natural element that has many uses. However, mercury is a powerful neorotoxin and causes a variety of adverse health effects due to exposure. Those who are at most risk from mercury exposure are pregnant women and developing children. The leading consensus from environmental organizations and government is that although fluorescents should be handled with care and managed properly to avoid breakage, they are still recommended for business and residential use due to their many benefits. That being said, people should handle these products with care and common sense - much like you would when driving to avoid crashing your car." California Toxic Substance Control

So how many deformed babies, damaged brains and nervous systems are we willing to pay to lighten our carbon footprints? MILLIONS. These eco-nazis are releasing weapons of mass destruction in their insane efforts to save the planet from evil humans and can't wait a few more years for affordable and safe LED lights.

One out of 33 babies is born with birth defects. Twenty years ago it was one in one hundred. Alzheimerís is skyrocketing and (cough) nobody knows why. Each year, an estimated 600 million fluorescent lamps are disposed of in US landfills amounting to 30,000 pounds of mercury waste. Once the old fashioned bulbs are outlawed, that number will explode.

So letís thinkÖ(while I still can) what will Obamacare do once these ticking time bombs are forcibly entrenched in our society and they start acting shocked at the consequences? They are CREATING this nightmare, then they will become VERY AGGRESSIVE in policing our disposal of their poison, . There are already bills being introduced to invade our homes checking to see if we are parenting properly, this will bust down the door. For the safety of everyone, they will HAVE to step in and make sure we all participate in their Hazmat guidelines--hazards they dictate that we purchase. As my doctor said, it's INSANITY.

Nancy Pelosi ("Constitution? Are you serious?") and Harry Reid are forefront in this environmental jihad. Men like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck have been trying to get our attention. Obamanation is NOT about taking care of us at all, they plan to steep our homes in deadly poison so they can rescue us by intruding, deforming our children along the way.

I would rather be rationed one light bulb a night than deform my kids! But we donít have that option! Obamanation is gassing this once great Christian nation that has stood for worldwide freedom.

President Obama, John the Baptist chastised Herod. Elijah chastised Ahab. I am nobody but I tell you the truth, you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. You have worked to lead Godís children into every unholy alliance known to man. Turn around while you still can, because you are no match for He who comes with Shekinah Glory.

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