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I understand (I think) why you are bent out of shape by the way our education system is teaching our kids, but I am not at all surprised. The whole system is run by non-Christians or anti-Christians or at best nominal so-called Christians who really don't understand the gospel message at all.
But this is what the Bible predicts. Wicked men will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.
Satan is behind it all. If the Lord tells you to take him on, go to it, but actually Jesus when He was here didn't spend too much time arguing with him. He just said, "It is written." It is interesting that Satan accepted that, even tho modern educators won't!

I think you will be a voice crying in the wilderness. Remember what happened to John the Baptist. If you are willing to have your head cut off, go ahead, but it is going to be very painful.

Jesus just told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Most will reject it, just as Israel rejected the law. Narrow is the gate that leads to life and few there be that find it.

When you are out in the world where all the germs are rampant, the best thing you can do for your kids is give them an "innoculation" that will help them fight off the germs. Make sure that your kids know that teachers are not God, they don't know it all. Point out some of their more obvious boo-boos, ones that your kids can see themselves.And pray for them. If you do decide to fight you will be like one of those chinese students in Tienamein Square, facing the tanks. You make get run over, and they will try to stop you any way they can. Only proceed if you have a CLEAR annointing from the Lord. Do not confuse your own anger at the situation for the annointing. If God says, "Go!" He will go with you. If you go on your own, watch out.


Shalom, I have to say this is by far the BEST WEB I have seen in a long time..........I am with you..............We either STAND for Jesus or we will fall for anything. I am with you 100%. I have read almost all of your wed in the last hour. Every Christain needs to see it. I will pass it around like no other. I sent a great letter to the President and Vice-President also. Thanks so much. Kim


My name is **** and I have been fighting the use of the 7th grade Social studies book since I heard about it last year. I am doing whatever I can to spread the word and research this book. I have found that much of what I found is on this site. I am also in contact with Brad Dacus and hopefully they will be able to help me be of more use. We got to help our children. Thanks for being there and God Bless.  J.D.


I am a seventh grade student at Los Osos Middle School. I recently came across an article about you in the new times and found your web address. i would like you to know a few things that might make you take a step back and review anything you have said against the Muslim Religion.

fact: Allah is God, so is yah'weh, jehovah, and many other names. It's just a different title for the same being who teaches tolerance and love.

fact: the school does not force you to get down on your knees and pray. they don't even ask you. i would know, in social studies during the islam unit nothing happened besides chapter discussions.

fact: in our social studies books, there is nothing degrading about Jesus Christ. There are different things per unit. it just happens that jesus christ isn't mentioned in a bad way, or a good way, just as islam is stated in a neutral text. no one is trying to sell a religion to a pack of seventh graders.

fact: one of my good friends is islamic. another one is buddhist, another one is roman catholic, another is an athiest, and i'm lutheran. we all get along fine, and the muslim friend of mine doesn't have parents willing to decapitate an "unbeliever."

fact: it made me nearly cry to think that you could be so condemning to people you don't even know.

maybe you should take a long walk in the park, or find some peaceful outdoorsy place, and just think about what i've told you. i believe that if you were a seventh grade student, and you discovered what was being said against your teachers, friends, and your friend's religion, you would be devastated to find that this is someone who is a mother of someone who might be a classmate.

i wish you would reconsider your harsh words and actions. they hurt me.

written by,
mr. decker's 3rd period student
seventh grade
Los Osos Middle School


Thank you so much for your email!  I could tell you put a lot of thought into it and I'm sorry if I have hurt you.  I do have to disagree with you about certain facts though. As I've said many times on this website, we are to LOVE the Muslim people, but accept the faith? no way. The textbook does not present what is written in the Quran. My objections have always been directed at what the Quran states and what the textbook says, which does NOT compare. On the news yesterday, there were pamphlets distributed in Afghanistan listing one of the verses which I quote in "Terrorist Quotes of the Quran." The Quran, the root of the Islamic belief, condones and directs Islam to do these things, THAT is what I've been trying to point out, not to victimize or look down or in any way disrespect the Muslim people. Did you read much of the site? I've repeated that over and over again.

Yes, there were students that were asked to bow down and pray to allah and if the school continues to deny it, I think the parents of those who did will begin to voice objection. There are three social studies classes. If it didn't happen in your class, great, but you don't know what goes on in other classes. Ask around. I'm sure you'd find the class that remembers very quickly.

Nobody wants a witch hunt. I have not listed the name of the teacher that did, in fact, have children bow down and pray to allah. Even as a demonstration, to ask a Christian child to do that is obscene to us. It's wrong and its against what the State mandates as well.

My battle has always been about the textbook. I asked the superintendant to ask teachers to simply cease from having students imagine worshipping other faiths or participating in them. To have students do that is a violation of the law. The superintendant said he did not think anyone else would object so he was not willing to do that. I asked to have my child do an independent study or something else. They have yet to come up with an alternative so he can't. I think I understand your perception of what I'm trying to communicate, but it is not the schools job to take kids so deeply into religious beliefs. Our country is founded on religious freedom. What the school is doing is a violation of parental rights. I'm not blaming the school, I blame the textbook that they use.

I'm glad you get along so well with so many kids of different beliefs and cultures. That truly is awesome. I have no problem with that. But to have a teacher teach from a textbook that shows such bias is wrong.

I would send you a sample of comparison of what the Quran says to what the textbook says, but its so gruesome it would probably not be right. Again, I am not dissing Muslims, I AM dissing the false presentation of a very violent religion. Look at ANY country that is predominantly Muslim. I know there are many well meaning kind Muslims. If my sons best friend was a Muslim I'd have no problem with it. But if my son thought to become Muslim, I would tell him the truth of what is in their own book. Please read more links before you judge what I'm saying? Thanks very much. Sincerely, JenT

Dear JenT,

"This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God." (2 Cor. 9:12, NIV)

I've seen some fantastic Web sites developed and maintained by Christians, and yours tops them all! What you are doing is truly a labor of love - love of God, love for your children, love for the parents and children to whom the Blessed Cause site is aimed, and even love for the misguided people in Satan's grasp who are using the government schools to seduce children from the truth.

It's pretty clear to me that you must be an excellent parent. If not, how would you have learned from your son what is being taught in your local schools? The Holy Spirit has most certainly convicted you and sustained you as you've done your research so well and organized your materials so well in your crusade to reverse this shame.

You're truly an inspiration to the rest of us. It's certainly tempting to throw up our hands as we look at the huge battle we need to fight, rather than heeding the words of Christ: "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27)

You've boldly shared your past life of sin with us, Jen. My worst past - and present - sin is my failure to observe the First Commandment, to "fear, love, and trust in God above all things." Oh, sure, I pay great lip service to it, but when the chips are down, I look to my own knowledge and abilities to solve the problem, rather than opening my heart to God's unfailing wisdom and guidance. That makes me no better than the people who are teaching our children to follow false Gods of many stripes.

"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!" (1 Cor 15:57) Fortunately, the outcome of the battle does not depend on our own puny efforts, marred as they are by our own shortcomings. Of course, you already realize this, and that's what makes your witness in your Web site so refreshing!

My own kids are grown now, and as yet I have no grandchildren of school age. So I'm passing the link to your site on to all my friends who do have school age children. As you recognize, California tends to set the trends in our country, so even the children of my friends in the South and Midwest are at risk. What else can I do to help your efforts?

Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer . . . (Rom. 12:12, NASB),
John N.

My wife sent me this sight, and I am grateful.
We need more voices like yours.

Just so happens we went to my daughters school tonight, they had little skits explaining the meaning of quanzaa(?), Hanukkah, and Christmas. I could not understand the Quanzaa or Hanukkah stories, but when they did Christmas I was embarrassed, at no point did they mention Jesus' name! They referred to Jesus as "him" and "a man". I cannot understand why we can't speak his name. I am very frightened for us, one of the last steps in the collapse of civilizations is the loss of faith and dependence on government.
You site is wonderful, and thank you for your time.

I had some resistance from the school board......but being a member of the christian coalition...and one of their top priorities is public school battles......so I threatened to bring in the big guys...and believe me...these secular public schools know Jay Sekulow....and he has in to many yrs I can count won I think almost every single case that has gone to court and trial.....we can't be so haughty and high and mighty but we must stand our ground and not back down on our faith in Christ...we live in the world, but Jesus made it clear we are not of this world......He also said we are to pray and submit to our gov. authority.....and I will not willingly break any laws...but I will not allow my now grandchildren be exposed to "other" religious beliefs......peoples cultures and geography and how they live, yes for we are all a mixture of wonderful different cultures, but when it comes to the soul....that's where where I dig in my heels and politely say, we respect your choice but we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins and He is the only way to heaven...John 14:6...........I will not argue, I will not compromise, I will pray for their spiritual heart to be shown the truth so they have the chance to make a choice......that is what Jesus has called us to do in the Great Commission...and I go my way...I left a job after 15 yrs.....I took retirement because they would not allow me the time off to worship.....I had a real demon possessed supervisor......I was ready to go anyway, so I didn't put up a fight......took some much needed time off...and found a job with better pay, more benefits, better retirement...and I work for a church......who more than anything allows me any time off to worship or do what I have to do within my church......and the supervisor that was out to get me....she got fired, her sister died, her husband has MS....so sad, but God always takes care of His own.......God Bless -K


I am in agreement with you on your prayer request about legal help. We have just watched a video from John Hagee Ministries about the Harry Potter thing. On the video a man from SC asked a question that had just come to my mind before he came on, and that is, if witchcraft is a religion (they have tax exempt status which means that they are & the military has a chaplain now who is in the wiccan witch society), then if the Bible and our Christian ways are not permitted in schools, the witchcraft has to go. Where is the separation between Church and state? Although, I would love to see our Christian ways being allowed in the schools. Let me know what we can do here in Moundsville, WV, to help, besides praying. I AM WITH YOU!
God bless,


I know how you feel about what is going on in our public schools.....all our children are grown...but our youngest daughter Jennifer, when she was in middle school ....was being taught evolution...she came home with homework about it...and this was in the 80's.... I stormed that school, and demanded that my daughter be taken out of that class when that was being taught....public school or not, I made it clear she was a child of God , saved by the Blood and sacrifice of God's only Son, Jesus Christ....I had a small fight but not for long.....when that subject came up, she was excused to go to the library to read, study, do homework....also.....contact the Christian Coalition......it was founded by Pat Robertson...it is on the web...I have supported it for yrs....right now I am on a crusade for partial birth abortion...The head lawyer Jay Sekulow and he has a team of lawyers takes on battles like what you are facing....and at no fee....God Bless...and we know we have won, the victory is ours, we have read the last page of the "BOOK"...and Because of Christ The Best is soon to Be....


I will keep you and your son in my prayers.
Please keep me informed and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I am very blessed as are my girls, that the public school they go to talk about Jesus openly and freely. There are many teachers here that give of their time before and after school and at lunch time to hold Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings with the children. Parents are always welcome to attend.

Yes, I did say "PUBLIC" school. Teachers here
teach Evolution as a scientific idea and tell thechildren that scientist don't know everything. I am surprised the government hasn't stepped in and stopped it. SHHHHHHHHHH let's not tell the government :) God bless you!!!  Love ya much in the Lord, -PL   

(from JenT:  If I thought it would last, I would look into moving where she is)


Mark is a freshman, he has a class called "Freshman Seminar", and his teacher decided about 6 or 8 weeks ago to teach his class about Muslims one day. so Mark brought home an 8-1/2 x 11 with information about Islam. There were 2 things on it that I objected to... one was a statement to the effect of, "Muhhamed was a prophet about 1400 years ago".....it made a statement that muhhamed was a prophet, not a statement that Muslims believed he was a prophet. The other thing was this paper said that the terrorists were to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity. I left him a detailed voicemail that told him #1, to state that muhhamed was a prophet is wrong. To state that Muslims believe that muhammed is a prophet is correct. And I told him that the KKK analogy wasn't a very good one, but that abortion clinic bombers who claim to be Christian would be a better comparison, because the KKK member doesn't do all he does in the name of Christ, but an abortion clinic bomber might, like a terrorist does what he does in the name of 'god'. I left his teacher my phone number, but I didn't ask him to call me....he chose not to call. You know what else? this same teacher told the class that the terrorists were born out of 'poverty and despair', and Mark raised his hand and said, "But the terrorists that flew those planes into the buildings had families and jobs and education".......his teacher's response was, "that's true, that's true." I was SO happy Mark told him that....   What grade is your son in?....that quote you put up out of his book is outrageous, the schools have no right, and they think they know what is best for our kids AND for us Jen, and they want more money...the wisdom of the world absolutely is infested within the public school systems, all the way up through universities, and also in the media. Where would the world go if the influence of Christians wasn't here to keep society from rotting fully and completely....a preserving salt, I love the Bible
-TJ :)


Not only because of what they are doing in the 7th grade but that is upsetting enough! But in the sixth also!!! They are teaching all kinds of false religions and it has caused confusion in my son 12! He is a spirit filled Christian and I am appalled, the teacher wants him to do a page on two words one Karma and one dharma! And Ethan doesn't feel right in his spirit about that! And I don't blame him when I asked if he could do two words on the Christian faith we are she said no we teach that too later. Next they are teaching on the false religion of buddhism! And I am highly upset when I said I'd pull him out of this class she said it is required by the state now I'm up in arms more than ever and am so po'ed I can't think straight so I started looking into homeschooling with Godly based curriculum as it should be! And found a wonderful online one please check it out: http://www.welcometoclass.com/

This is a great thing please be in prayer with me for my husband to agree and help with the money and for God to supply and for others in this situation to heed it and do the same. This stupid class is why my daughter backslid partially! And I will not have any of it! God bless you all I am sending this out to all of us concerned parents and grandparents.  Love, Di

I am new to this bit of information. I read the story in new times(both articles). I don't know why children are reading the Quran in school. Are they allowed to read the bible? Are they being forced to read the Quran?  Understand this: I am not a very religious man. I am, however, diametrically opposed to what I am beginning to suspect of this situation. Reading the bible was 'banned' a long time ago from public schools. Our children should not in turn be spoon-fed the teachings of our enemies.  Though I am not necessarily in league with you on a religious level, I support your cause because I feel it is more correct than what is happening in the school. I do wish I had more information on this subject.
Good luck to you.  GF in Morro Bay

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