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Regarding Islam:

A Christian who defends their religious freedom is attacked by a school board member who stood up in front of the cameras and stated BlessedCause is a form of bigotry, is it true?

"If you think I hate Muslims, you don't know me very well.  Though I haven't met many Muslims, what few I have met were positive experiences.  I am very fond of a particular Muslim friend. He is sincerely one of the nicest people I know, and we avoid the topic of religion.  I've noticed how we all bend over backwards to make sure he doesn't feel scrutinized, but rather accepted and loved, which he is. 

If my teenage son brought home a Muslim friend I would welcome them just as I have his Buddhist, atheist and Jewish friends.  I have no problem with getting along with Muslims.  Many of them have not read their Quran just as many Christians have not read their Bible.  It is not my job to beat people up with my religion, rather, God commands we love everyone. 

The only group I have trouble loving is liberals who appear to be bent on corrupting children.  They have gone to such an extreme of decimating Christianity, that revisionist historians have stripped America's rich Christian heritage from us.

My son came home and repeated what he learned in school, "Mom, we can't talk about Jesus because it offends other people."

If we moved to Africa and the Africans  were worshipping their gods, would I be offended?  Would I hold up my fist and shout,  "Stop it!  You are offending me!  You must have no religion because I don't believe in your god!"
How ridiculous.  But that is exactly what liberals insist we do and deny the Christian heritage this nation was born on.

Christians respond without objection.  The love of Christ is not to be forced, therefore we allowed the name of Jesus Christ to be censored in public school.  But now, incredibly, liberals have gone further to insist our children learn the ways of other gods, participate in ceremonies, imagine they are Muslim soldiers, are asked to pray to Allah so that they can "understand" Islam.  And if a Christian objects we are labeled bigots and intolerant.

To ask a Christian child to participate in worship of other gods is worse than asking a married woman to commit adultery to understand the adulterer.  Our God is a jealous God! 

Yet public school insists all of these practices are only to better understand other cultures.  Our children would better understand other cultures if they would at least give them the truth about Islam's beliefs.

I challenge anyone to read the direct quotes of the textbooks, promoting Islam and maligning Judeo-Christianity, and still claim they cannot see the hypocrisy!  (although the Bible did say people would be blind).  People who call me a bigot or intolerant have done so without reading the evidence.  Even my worst critics have changed their tune once they truly examined the facts.  But people would rather take a superficial look and immediately start name calling.  So be it.  Call me what you will but I will not sit quietly by while our children are indoctrinated into antichrist beliefs.  I am very confrontational about what the Quran states and how the textbooks whitewash and promote it as peaceful while simultaneously, Christians and Jews are being slaughtered by the millions all over the world in the name of Allah. Something that Muhammad himself did as he led more than 20 slaughters of Christians and Jews and masterminded more than 60 others. Muhammad instructs Muslims to do likewise in the Quran, the root of the belief.

Public schools continue to promote Islam, and worse, it is obvious that the true effort of public education is  to promote atheism.  California's state standards are a thinly veiled license to do just that.

Love Muslims, yes.  Embrace the beliefs?  Force them on impressionable school children as peaceful when nation after nation has toppled under the sword of Islam?  No.  Allow public education to lie to our children about Jesus Christ or the Torah?  NO.  There are other ways of teaching tolerance without indoctrination.

Christians, are we cowering in fear at being called bigots and intolerant?  Will you speak up and defend our faith and our children?  God said Christians would be martyred for standing in the name of Christ.  As we watch the prophesies being fulfilled before our eyes, will you stand on the promise of Jesus Christ who died for us, Who has gone to make a home for us in heaven, or will you drop the love of Christ in fear from mere name-calling?  Do you run like the apostles on the night He was betrayed?  They were faced with torturous death, what are we faced with, NEGATIVE PUBLIC OPINION?  This nation was once "The Land of the Free and the Home of Brave." We are quickly becoming the "Land of the manipulated and home of the Cowards."

Will you stand with Him during the dark times to come or will you flee?  Christian, are you His?  Like Christi Bernall at Columbine, will you stand for Christ?"

Regarding Homosexuality:

I have made plenty of bad choices in my life and I don't believe it's my place to attack others. Yet I speak out against validating that choice to children.

I was very close once with a gay man. His name was Jay, and he was extremely "popular." We were both so lost in those days and I saw first hand what living the gay lifestyle cost him. Not because people condemned him, but because of the life. I know for a fact Jay would not have recommended homosexuality for children. He wanted to go straight, but once you walk down that path, turning around is almost impossible, except by the power of Jesus Christ, which transforms people.

Since finding Christ, I tried to find Jay, but he had moved away and old friends didn't know where he was, except for a rumor that he had aids. This truly  breaks my heart.

I am not intolerant of gays. I have partied with them, I have wept for them, I have listened to their suffering as I've washed their feet. God knows intensely the pain we suffer because of our choices. God knows the pain of the AIDS victim intently. God is not out to destroy our fun and freedom, He made us and He knows what is best for us! When we ignore His warnings and then suffer the consequences, many of us blame God! God never intended for us to suffer like we do. We bring it on ourselves, and just as a mom or dad hates to see their children suffer, so does God hate to watch us suffer.  It's why He takes the time to warn us not to do the things that harm us. It's why He sent His Son. I wish I listened long ago. I wish we'd listen now.

Test Your Sexuality...Again
letter to the editor by JenT

(New Times changed the title to "No Homos Please", typically trying to demonize the Christian)

I was saddened by last weeks letter regarding testing our sexuality. I'd like to ask a question. Can you remember when you were first told how your mom and dad "made" you? In my generation, we learned these facts at age 8 or 9, and everyone I knew was completely grossed out. But as we grew, we gradually accepted the idea. With time, we came to love sex so much that divorce or sudden abstinence is shattering.

I am not gay, the thought of sex with a woman feels very similar to my first reaction to intercourse. But if I watched movies of women with women, imagined myself with another woman, and allowed myself to get used to the idea, I have no doubt I could develop those desires. <shudder>

This is why I am opposed to teaching children homosexuality in public school. Children learn what you teach them! I am astounded that we are now teaching children homosexuality in sex education, then sending many to gym class and telling them to shower together. Do the distinguished educators of California remember the curiosity and daring of teenage boys?

Teach our children tolerance? YES. Teach our children to participate in every practice imaginable to promote tolerance? NO. A small group demanded Christianity be silenced in school. Christians gracefully said okay. Now every other belief is fighting over our children's education. Parents, it is time to object and protect our children. -JenT, blessedcause

How can public school teach homosexuality to children?  Anal intercourse (I can barely even write it) is NOT HEALTHY and not a natural act.  Any doctor will confirm it is NOT HEALTHY, so why is public school teaching it as acceptable? This is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.  We can opt our children out of this class, but can we opt them out of a corrupted society?

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