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 Candy Box of Liberal Malice BlessedCause is not the only one under malicious liberal left-wing attacks.

Pacific Justice has filed a lawsuit over the physical attack on recall activists, along with threats of violence to an 8 year old boy, from anti-recall activists, wearing "WAR!" T-shirts (Workers Against Recall). The lawsuit also names  $4 million paid by the State of California specifically devoted to oppose the recall. (see full PJI newsletter below)

Others are being set up in liberal plots as well.  As Davis panders to the immigrant population, a plot was hatched to set up a successfully renowned border patrol citizen:

"[Spencer] said last week five illegal aliens showed up on his property wanting to use his telephone. Shortly after their visit, sheriff's deputies pulled up to his home and told him someone had reported that he had pulled a gun on the illegals.

Spencer said an associate had videotaped the incident, which showed the report to be untrue. No charges were filed, he said, and the illegals were taken into custody. He said he believes the incident was staged by a third party in an attempt to frame him. " see full article

I believe it. When I think of how close I came to being framed, it gives me the chills. I could take the persecution, the haranguing, the humiliation, even prison, because God will never leave me, but I couldn't take being separated from my sons, to miss watching them grow. These are precious, irreplaceable years for a mom. It would have ripped my heart out.

Meanwhile, because we are named as "behind the recall", (part of the "right-wing conspiracy") liberal websites are calling us thugs and communists. The hatred grows and the hypocrisy is mind-boggling. In addition, a liberal pro-Palestinian website continues to give directions on how to search for my personal home address. Maybe they want to deliver me a box of candy.

Hmmm, which chocolate today? A praline plot, a honey-hack chew, Bordeaux prison bars or should I try the velvet-cream violence? All wrapped up as a liberal-left box of tolerance, topped with a ribbon of threats. All that is missing is the punch card.  

Oh these are the times when I'm reminded we need to pray for these people. After all, these are the people that God asks us to reach.  Think about it. These people who plot and plan...they're suffering. They really are. They live in lives of hate and ill-will and they actually carry it out. They don't know the Holy Spirit, please pray for them.


If you find anything suspicious or inconsistent at our website, please notify us at blessedcause@charter.net  The hacking continues and every day we remain on line is a Godsend.


PJI Sues Unions, State for Anti-Recall Violence
Contact: Brad Dacus (916)857-6900

Sacramento, CA - Today the Pacific Justice Institute filed a lawsuit in Sacramento County Superior Court on behalf of several pro-recall demonstrators who were threatened and physically attacked by anti-recall activists. Among the victims was a young 8 year old boy who was directly threatened with physical violence by at least one of the anti-recall activists. A police report was filed on behalf of the boy. The attackers reportedly wore union T-shirts and were attending a conference entitled WAR! (Workers Against Recall).

The lawsuit alleges that the backers of the conference, which includes the Institute for Labor and Employment of the University of California (ILE) and a couple of labor unions, violated the free speech rights of pro-recall demonstrators. The lawsuit also factually alleges that the ILE recently received $4 million from the State of California specifically devoted to opposed the recall.

"The question of which gubernatorial candidate will prevail will be decided at the polls. The question of whether union thugs and political mafia tactics will prevail will now be decided by the courts" said Brad W. Dacus, President of the Pacific Justice Institute. "Americans must be preserved the right to challenge government corruption without having to fear being physically attacked by paid government operatives."

The Pacific Justice Institute (www.pacificjustice.org) is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization specializing in defending civil liberties.

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