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Bush Bashing Disguised as Philosophy Class

[I have changed the name of the teacher to "M.", I am not on a witch-hunt, just exposing what academia is today]

As I sat at my local Borders bookstore reading Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity, I overheard a college student talking about her "philosophy class" to a friend. She was shocked that the instructor began the course with "If you like Bush or Rush Limbaugh, LEAVE NOW!"

This student was more than willing to talk with me about it. She stated that at Cuesta College, Calif., teacher Jacqueline M. is forcing her students to read anti-Bush rhetoric to pass an "Introduction to Philosophy" class.

She stated that students are to retrieve their required reading homework assignments, which were highly "anti-Bush" from M.'s website (see copy). Many of the students immediately dropped the course according to this student.

As of 12/10/03, the student's statements were confirmed. With a logo of Cuesta College at the top, the website links students to four required reading assignments at "Mother Jones," a radical Bush-bashing site. Students are referred to sites such as "Move-On." Also included is a large picture of Howard Dean campaigning before a crowd and slogans of "Howard Dean for President 2004!"

"I could not believe this was presented as a 'philosophy' class," the student stated. She didnít agree with what was being hammered at her.

Within 24 hours of posting this article, Jacqueline's website has been changed, it's much more subtle, yet as of 12/11, one can still find Bush-bashing while campaigning for Dean. To see links, previous required reading, and the web site of Jackie M. before it was covered up, click here.

Currently posted on Jacqueline M.'s website is a definition of a liberal:

Liberal: 1a. Open-minded; tolerant. b. Favoring civil and political liberties, democratic reforms, and protection from arbitrary authority.

How duplicitous! To bask as a liberal described so, and yet MANDATE students to read anti-Bush websites and use a state funded college position to campaign for Dean! Her new website states, "I make no apologies for my criticisms of the Bush administration's policies...[followed with more criticism of Bush].

Protests to Cuesta College appear to have resulted in a statement on M.'s website that Cuesta College does not pay for the website, yet students clearly are still directed to this blatant Dean campaign, Bush bashing site for homework. Is ANYONE naieve enough to believe this teacher is presenting a balanced, "liberally tolerant" class???

This teacher is abusing her position to bash Bush, yet she claims the Bushites are out to crucify her. This is beyond shameful. And Cuesta College, with full knowledge of what she is doing, continues to allow her to "teach".

State funding should not be used so that predatory teachers can attempt to sway the presidential election 2004! Teachers should not mandate liberal left rhetoric under the pretense of philosophy! This is an example of why we need legislative protection for conservative students.

[Editor's note: We have never encouraged anyone to write hate mail to M.. In fact, her email link has always been blocked. If anyone emailed Jacqueline M., they found it at her own website, not from blessedcause. We also ask that no one send hateful emails to anyone. If you want to send an email, please send it to Gov. Schwarzenegger and inform him of this outrageous abuse of school funding by Cuesta College]

This left agenda at colleges and universities is nationwide. In Ohio, a class about Vietnam is taught by a professor who, "turned out to be a '60s leftist who regarded America as an imperialist monster and the Vietnam War an expression of America's inherent racism and capitalist greed," reported David Horowitz.

A student, a member of the ROTC, tried to drop the Vietnam class but was denied by the professor. "The student completed the course, but received a failing grade from the professor because he chose to be in the armed forces," Horowitz says.

David Horowitz has begun a movement for the "Academic Bill of Rights" which calls for intellectual diversity, balanced reading lists, a ban on political bias by professors, equalized funding for student groups and on-campus guest speakers, and a non-hostile environment for conservative students. Contact "Students for Academic Freedom" to find out how you can get involved. http://studentsforacademicfreedom.org/

It is shocking that our tax dollars are funding the leftís hatred of President Bush, campaigning for Dean and consistently promotes hatred of America through college and high school courses. Something MUST be done about the unbalanced liberal left agenda in public schools even as our elementary schools are becoming ever more similar to Nazi Germany schools:

"When an opponent declares, 'I will not come over to your side', I calmly say 'Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.'"

- Adolf Hitler, 1939

There are evil principalities under new names at work in America that are out to destroy this once great nation and the freedom afforded it by our Judeo-Christian heritage. Give me liberty or give me death, God save us from the liberal left!

 - R. Lindquist

Contact Gov. Schwarzenegger at governor@governor.ca.gov

New! See also: Proposed legislation to protect conservatives on campus! http://www.csmonitor.com/2004/0108/p12s02-legn.html

1/10/04 Clearly the left is anything but tolerant. Since posting this, someone keeps signing BlessedCause up for the Dean campaign. (sigh) This intolerance of my rights is as intolerant as the left's "pro-choice" murder. How tolerant are abortionists of innocent babies hoping to grow? The liberal left are clearly the most intolerant of all.  -jent

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