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Sheep polled by wolves

9/12/03 America is waking up.

More than 50 percent of Americans recognize Islam is not a peaceful religion (as described in our children's textbooks,) according to an ABC News Poll. 

"The survey...showed a sharp rise in people who think Islam does not teach respect for the beliefs of non-Muslims 22 percent in the previous poll compared to 43 percent today."

That might happen after hundreds of Christians are butchered over a remark about Muhammad and the beauty pageant in the Middle East.

In January 2002, 14% said mainstream Islam encouraged violence. Today that number has more than doubled at 34%, despite a massive marketing plan to promote Islam as peaceful, even mandating university students read a whitewashed version of the Quran.

For American's to recognize the threat of Islam means we can recognize that our liberal media is tainted beyond recognition of truth.

Enter the spin. "ABC said people who feel they do understand Islam are much more likely to view it positively."

Are those who "understand Islam" the same who have swallowed the glut of propaganda insisting that Islam is peaceful? Anyone who claims to "understand" the irrational hatred of Islam must be in full-blown denial of it, which is exactly what the liberal media and factions of our government try to convince us of.  These polls show America isn't buying it, and as time goes on, it's harder to ignore the reality of the violence sanctioned in the Quran.

Those of us who have truly studied raw Islam, the history of it, and the Quran find it hard to "understand." It's easy to understand the whitewashed version of it, because it's wishful thinking, but the reality of Islam is irrational hatred of Middle East Muslims toward Christians and Jews.

Those who claim they understand Islam are those who have blindly accepted what they've been spoonfed by men like Colin Powell and our public schools, and would view Islam positively, because it's a whitewashed positive presentation stripped of reality.

Of these who claim to "understand" Islam, 59% call it peaceful. Therefore, ABC apparently concludes, to understand Islam means to realize how peaceful it is, attempting to substantiate that those who know vouch for it's peacefulness. But that doesn't quite jive with the increase of people recognizing that Islam is violent. It's a skewed conclusion.

This poll should be analogous with sheep and wolves:

"Sheep who feel they do understand wolves are much more likely to view wolves positively. Of those sheep, 59 percent call wolves peaceful and 46 percent think wolves teach respect for sheep.

The two-thirds who say they basically are unfamiliar with wolves are 19 points less likely to call them peaceful and half as apt to say they respect sheep, the poll showed.

Between a fifth and a quarter of sheep said they have no opinion on whether wolves teach respect for sheep."

Would this be the opinion of sheep as they watch wolves tearing and ripping into their fellow bleating sheep, just as we watch Christians and Jews slaughtered by Islam in the news? Why are some Americans dumber than sheep?

"ABC said the poll showed younger and better-educated people are more apt to have favorable views of Islam."

Younger and better educated? These must be our precious children who are captive audiences to the "peaceful Islam" propaganda, found in school textbooks such as Across the Centuries, or Islam, A Simulation handout that proselytizes Islam. Did encouraging children to pray to Allah, memorize the tenants of Islam and in some cases, fast for Islam, make an impact? Rather than using the term "better-educated," ABC should have said, "better-propagandized." This only proves the communist brainwashing tactics of comparative religion in public school are effective! This has so much spin it makes one dizzy.

"The ABC News poll was conducted by telephone Sept. 4-7 among a random national sample of 1,004 adults with a three-point error margin. "

There must have been a lot of liberal Californians at home that day to pick up the phone. 

I live in California (smile), I can say that.