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Through the gurgle of pending death, William Wallace summoned his strength and savagely shouted "FREEDOM!" Our forefathers did the same, the battlefield steeped in blood. A man will sacrifice his life for freedom, but take it for granted, it falls.

Our nation is on the brink of throwing freedom away with votes for Obama, front man of Democrat plots to take our pensions and 401(k)s (1), while our taxes will be used for ungodly practices such as butchering babies, gun control, attacking conservative radio (2) and limiting religious freedom. Under Obama's "Freedom of Choice Act" doctors and hospitals will be forced to perform abortions regardless of conscience.(3) Obama complains we cling to our guns and religion, the cradle of our freedom is a threat to his vision.

We have slept while Freedom has crumbled. Witness our public schools. In his term, Clinton negotiated with terrorists (4) and together with humanist groups wrote "Religious Expression in Public School." Judge Phyllis Hamilton, appointed by Clinton, ruled that teachers could REQUIRE students to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah BY HEART, the very words used to convert to Islam, the very words said over the beheading of our troops. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld her decision and the US Supreme Court would not touch it. The ruling stands. Your children may be REQUIRED to recite worship to Allah on their hands and knees in demonstration.(5)

Our Judeo-Christian beliefs, the backbone of our freedom, is under constant assault in public schools while Islam is indoctrinated. President Bush wrote his own religious guidelines but his term came too late, the law has been set in the aftermath of Clinton by his judges.

Enter Obama, who claims Christ, yet supports partial-birth murder, referred to his Muslim faith (6) and raised a million dollars for a foreign thug that promised an Islamic state overseas. (7) Obama wants to negotiate with terrorists and apparently he's good at it, having launched his career in the living room of Bill Ayers, member of a domestic terrorist group that bombed our government buildings.

What will be the bargaining chips? What do terrorists want from us? Our surviving children. OUR FREEDOM. Freedom guaranteed by our Constitution which Obama basically said is a "fundamental flaw." (8)

FREEDOM is about to be pushed into the night and the gap it leaves behind will be filled with bloodied babies and a setup for tyranny. The inheritance from our forefathers will be lost with each voter that emerges from the voting booth, having dipped their hands in the blood of the innocent as they vote for Obama and his promises of "change."

The Fall of America's FREEDOM will be harder to swallow knowing how eager some bit the fruit of Obama.

God help us on Election Day.

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