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   9/11 Commission on Hardball

by Jen Shroder
9/14/04 permission granted to repost

Now posted: the missing transcript

On 9/13/04, Chris Matthews of Hardball  aired an interview of the 9/11 Commission, but after directing the public to read the full transcript at his website, it was soon replaced by a previously taped interview with almost the same panel...

But I have a copy of the original, I can prove every quote I have posted. It is all about religious beliefs and terrorists by Jamie Gorelick, Slade Gorton, Richard Ben-Veniste and Fred Fielding, all on the 9/11 Commission.

Gorelick said very slowly and deliberately,

"This is NOT a war on terrorism. It is a war against Islamist fundamentalist terrorists. These are Jihadists who want to achieve certain goals. They want to get us out of Afghanistan. They want to get us out of Saudi Arabia. They want to get us out of Iraq. They want to get us out of Iraq by using the techniques of terrorists."

Matthews asked if we never did anything politically against them, would they still have this rage against our country, against women being equal, against the fact that there’s a different sexual moray in this country, all these things that they usually associate with this culture...

Gorton said, "Just ask Bin Laden himself. Bin Laden said three things: ‘Get out of the Middle East, convert to Islam and end all the corruption of your society.’"

In another section, Ben-Veniste said,

"Our mission is to separate Bin Laden and the al-Qaida and the al-Qaida wannabes from the Muslim world at large to make it inhospitable, because you make it—you make their policies—you show their policies to be so unsympathetic to the religion that they profess, and your policies..."

<cut off to talk about Madrassas>

See the missing transcript

The replacement transcript posted on Matthew's site as of 11:30 last night is with the 9/11 Commission but completely different, it is not what was shown at all, and states it has been updated.

What are they trying to cover up, anyway? The truth about Islam? Possibly OUR MISSION to rewrite a religion? At least they’re being fair, our public schools are trying to rewrite the Judeo-Christian religion, stating that God’s prophets of the Old Testament could not tell the future. I guess they skipped the part where Daniel specifically names the ruler that would conquer them hundreds of years later and other prophesies that came true, and are coming true today, in the Bible. Our children’s 6th grade textbook, A Message of Ancient Days, takes Biblical stories and rewrites them, removing God and crediting the people with accomplishments, stating the prophets only made excuses for disasters.

Is this religious freedom?

Is this Hardball?

Chris Matthews, when you find out and post the real transcript, please let me know.

MSNBC and Hardball have not responded yet to our inquiry about the transcript discrepancy, therefore I am posting the original.