Terri Schiavo's Terrorists: Supreme Judicial Homicide

by Jen Shroder
3/26/05 free to repost  
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Barbara Weller asked Terri Schiavo to say something or they were going to kill her. "Just say you want to live" and this will all be over.  Schiavo responded with a long, drawn out "I" followed by a scream "waaaaaaa....." so loud that the police officer stationed outside came into the room.

If Terri wanted to die, she would have remained silent. She is trapped, helplessly trying to communicate that she wants to live.

Fox News reported that the LA Times and the New York Times are coming under scrutiny for possible manipulation of polls regarding Terri. One poll asked that if you were in a coma for years, would you want to be removed from life support? Everyone knows Terri is not in a coma, and yet the results of these kinds of polls are being reported everywhere as a testimony that people are in favor of starving Terri to death. Christian organizations are reporting that 90% polled want Terri to live.

As the baby boomers reach geriatric age, assisted living centers will be burgeoning in a society ill-equipped to provide for the elderly. Is this the first step of assisted living homes becoming assisted death camps?

Beheading would be a more merciful death. Slowly dying from starvation and thirst is slow and agonizing. Islamist terrorists have more dignity than our Supreme Courts and judicial system. If San Francisco's Mayor Newsom can flout his nose at the law and impose gay marriage on California without any consequences, why can't Governor Bush do something to save a life?

Meanwhile, Michael Schiavo's attorney is thanking "the people" for helping politicians realize they have made a mistake, speaking as though Americans are in favor of the judicial homicide perpetrated by our perverse courts. Statements of thanks are turning the stomachs of most Americans and the rancor and outrage of the people is GROWING, elevating to feelings of revolt and rebellion. How much would the heroes of our American Revolution stood before taking action? A handful of people are beginning to take action, only to be portrayed as fanatics and overzealous. Are they?

Better turn off the news and watch a sitcom, after all, nobody likes to feel this angry. Let's medicate and turn the channel to the many sexual innuendos and pornography churning out from Hollywood. Who wants to think of the outrageous actions of our courts?

Until it's your son or daughter. And then it will be too late.

We better stop turning off the news, we had better stop reaching for distractions and DEAL with the judicial homicide which is becoming commonplace in our atheist run nation.

Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause.org She has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media. She can be reached at blessedcause@charter.net

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