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Encyclopedia Ordered to Ax Passage

Wed Nov 6
By VERENA VON DERSCHAU, Associated Press Writer

PARIS (AP) - A French court on Thursday ordered the publisher of France's leading reference book to remove from its next edition a passage that raises questions about the number of people killed in the Holocaust.

The ruling came after publisher Robert Laffont failed to heed an earlier order in 2001 to remove the passage from the Encyclopedies Quid by 2003. The reference guide is updated each year.

In a section on World War II extermination camps, the book says that the official number of deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau was 1.2 million. However, it adds that "other figures have circulated," and cites one by a revisionist historian, Robert Faurisson, who claims that 150,000 people died at the camp, of which 100,000 were Jews.

Five French Jewish groups argued the passage violates a French law against publishing revisionist theories. They demanded that Quid publishers retract the 300,000 copies of its 2003 edition, which had already been sent to stores.

Judge Marie-Therese Feydau refused to grant the request but ordered the publishers to remove the offensive passage from its 2004 edition as well as from its Internet site.

Publishers were also ordered to send a correction notice to all bookstores where Quid is sold and to insert the correction in the 100,000 copies still being printed. They were also ordered to publish the correction in three daily newspapers and two weeklies.

"We are satisfied," said Patrick Klugman, president of the Union of Jewish Students of France. "'Never again' must not be an expression said in vain. The duty to remember must begin with those who manufacture knowledge."

The Quid is widely consulted, not just by researchers but also by ordinary French.

The book's publisher said it had no immediate comment.

Revisionists about Christians:

The previous article is reminiscent of statements made in Houghton Mifflin's "A Message of Ancient Days" for 6th grade students.  It states:

 “Some Christians were even put into an arena to fight lions as entertainment for Romans.  Later Christian writers attached great importance to these events.  They used the events to reinforce the suffering endured by Christians who remained faithful to their beliefs.  However, historians do not believe that many Christians were actually sent to the lions."

The textbook puts Christianity at the top of the list for reasons of “The Cause of the Fall” (Christian Unit pg 480)  “Christians were more devoted to their faith and to the church than to the Roman state.” 

 Did it matter as they fed us to the lions if we were devoted to Christ or Rome?  On pg 466 it quotes Pliny as saying not to hunt us down, but to kill us if we’re Christian. Then it says,

“As the above exchange shows, Romans did not generally seek out Christians for punishment.  In fact, Christian settlements existed in North Africa for 100 years before the first Christian was executed.” 

WHAT does North Africa have to do with it, it’s clear across the sea! 

Regardless, according to the textbook, Christians are to be blamed for the Fall of Rome.  We didn’t do anything, we were just "not devoted."  Then the textbook actually whines about how hard it is to be a historian.  Yet we should keep quiet about being tortured?  

The title of the whole Christian Lesson is: “Christianity and the Fall of Rome.”  I did not realize the title meant to place blame.  This is what the textbook publishers say is the “Christian turn” when complaints were made about the indoctrination of Islam?  Turn for what? 

How do these "revisionists" get away with this?  Is it really so easy to just rewrite history?  Parents, we sincerely must review and speak out about what is being fed to our children.  Especially now, with so many universities and educational institutions in a popular frenzy to blame everything on our great nation, the United States.  If they hate America  so much, why do they live here?  Because even though we have flaws, there is no greater nation to live in. 

Our ancestors sacrificed their precious blood for this nation, and many of us have sons or daughters who may be called into action soon.  Will we make such enormous sacrifices while we allow revisionists and liberals to rewrite history and spit on our nation as we pay them to teach our children to do the same? 

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