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  Obama, Step Away from my Internet, Slowly

by Jen Shroder, 9/23/09

Senate Bill 773. Fifty-five pages of attempted justification to give Obama the power to declare a "cyber-emergency" and shut down anyone he wants to should he wake from a Glenn Beck nightmare or catches a whiff of Laura Ingrahamís perfume.

Why are liberal crosshairs on the internet? Democratic Underground, Huffington Post and an assortment of "progressive" grassroots websites helped him get elected, isnít that enough?

Apparently not. I perused the "progressive" websites and saw the dismal reality of the left. For starters, Democratic Underground, a well known liberal bastion, posts the following: "Members are expected to be generally supportive of progressive ideals, and to support Democratic candidates for political office."

So much for engaging in honest debate and open minds! Where is the tolerance of the left? Is DU afraid of facts? I thought about joining to see how long I would last, but I couldnít find any threads with substance.

Next I clicked on Huffington Post and was slapped with this headline: "Obama: News Becoming ĎAll Blogosphere, All Opinionsí Open To Bailout For Newspapers"

Gasp! Fewer are reading Obamaís cheerleaders like the New York Times. (Did they EVER honor Cpl. John Harrison* for giving his LIFE to save their kidnapped journalist sent on a mission to dig up dirt on the military?)

Comments by Huffingtonís members about Obama bailing out newspapers were mixed. At a glance, one man blamed WorldNetDaily (great site), but full throttle support for Obama was scarce.

I guess if blogs arenít supporting Obama, itís time he take control.

I thought to check the MSNBC forum, surely flaming leftists would have something interesting to sayÖoh, the forum has been closed without so much as a tumbleweed floating through the ghost town.

Giving up on known lib sites, I googled, "Top Progressive Political Forums" and first on the list was "Political Crossfire." In the middle of the day there were all of 8 members actively posting. Dismal.

Google's second choice: Liberal Forum.org

At this site they posted: "LiberalForum is primarily for self-described liberals,progressives, greens, leftists, socialists, etc. However, in the interest of democracy - and a robust exchange of political ideas - We welcome the Right Wing to join and hopefully they will abide by our terms and change."

How many were posting at this site? All of 21.

I decided to open up my search to all politics, not just libs.

Letís compare to one of my favorites, Hannity.com, where liberals and conservatives are both welcome. Most members ever on line: 8,277; at the moment of this writing 528 total; 153 posting, 375 viewing.

I am starting to see why Obama is not happy.

So why are so many of us hooked on political websites?

  1. Solid information. Just try to float something false or shakey on a good site like Hannity (remember Dan Ratherís "authentic" letter and how the internet community ripped it to shreds?)
  2. Friendships. No matter what anyone tells you about on-line life, you can get to know the heart and soul of a person better than in real life because youíre not distracted by what they look like.

In fact, people are more apt to express what they really think behind a font, than terrified in, oh, say your average work place where everyone is worried about sexual harassment lawsuits or whether or not you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter (yes, I do, and Coulter has a great forum too).

So through glazed eyes and an earful of sanitized speech, I can listen to 15 minutes of a friend talk about the cost of orange juice and how long her husband had to wait in the car -OR- I can dive into a heated debate about why Jesus quoted Psalm 22 from the cross, or why it doesnít matter that Obama is hiding his birth certificate, or let it sink in that if Mormons are right about polygamy, my flirting field has just increased exponentially.

"Itís just a message board" doesnít compute to people who know the hilarious antics of posters like Rayman at Hannity, or biffle-de-boffle-de-do of Meriweather or the sage wisdom of Rhet2 - and just wait to see how it feels when you are flooded by criticism of your point of view, and then somebody like "The Light" shows up out of no where with just the right back-up to prove you are right, shutting up all your attackers.

This stuff doesnít happen in real life. Well, okay, not enough.

Itís interesting, though, that many comparatively liberal sites are rife with profane, personal insults, probably because liberal talking points canít hold up to debate. Thatís why many lib sites will include in their rules, "Be lib or be banned" warnings.

Liberals are becoming a valuable asset on messageboards, itís hard to find any to debate, a real problem even at my own forum. And thatís why the left has to try to stack the deck on the forum field, the internet and talk radio.

For a tyrant to take control of our nation, heís got to take out our communication as he tightens his grip on gun control, inching toward disarming us. Heís got to sway our youth to his side while supporting other tyrants like Chavez working to change his term limits.

So we can feel safe, America, because Obama and his men are nothing like that. And his policies arenít running our nation into the ground or quadrupling the deficit. Heís not working for more gun control and heís not out to control communication.

Senate Bill 773. Van Jones. Acorn. Cap and Trade.

Oh wait.

How much will we take and how fast? I think thatís the only real question behind this administrations "open" doors.

* Cpl. John Harrison & NYTimes ingratitude: http://www.blessedcause.org/protest/Cpl.%20John%20Harrison.htm


Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause, dedicated to restoring sanity to our public schools and exposing the Islamic indoctrination of American textbooks and required prayers to Allah. Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio/news media. She posts as JenT at MollysCannons.com/forums, http://www.renewamerica.com/bb/ and her own www.blessedcause.org/forums



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