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Islam, Intercourse & Sodomy:
Our children learn what you teach them

 Dept. of Education, Are We Learning Yet?

The Department of Education is determined to force our children to learn the acceptability of anal sex under the ploy of teaching "tolerance" for homosexuals, in some cases including "fisting."

Meanwhile , three students from Mepham High School in Bellmore, N.Y. face charges for sodomizing younger students with broomsticks, golfballs and pinecones. These younger students withstood the repeated abuse in silence for days, submitted to their tormentors.

Did class lessons instructing students that sodomy is an appropriate choice pave the road to submission of their plight? What happened was a form of rape, not to be compared to a matrimonial union between man and wife, but you can bet that the introduction of sodomy in high school introduced a whole world of sexual perversions because sodomy is, in and of itself, a sexual perversion.

Twenty years ago, educators insisted on teaching our children " sex education", and the teen pregnancy rate has skyrocketed ever since. According to the Washington Times,  "...teachers can show kids as young as 13 'how to make condoms fun and pleasurable.' For example, 'Once you and a partner agree to use condoms ... go to the store together. Buy lots of different brands and colors. Plan a special day when you can experiment. Just talking about how you'll use all of those condoms can be a turn-on.' "

"Teachers are told to have kids 'brainstorm ways to be close. The list may include ... body massage, bathing together, masturbation, sensuous feeding, fantasizing, watching erotic movies, reading erotic books and magazines ...' ."

In 1970, 35% of girls and 55% of boys reported having had sex by age eighteen. Today, one wouldn't even ask how many eighteen year olds are virgins. Instead, we seek information about 12 year olds and find 20% of adolescents have had intercourse before their 15th birthday, according to reports in the late 1990s. Parents are horrified as we are told that sex at age 12 is becoming more common.

The CDC and Planned Parenthood brag about reports showing teen pregnancies are down, but nobody counts the millions of shattered teens trying to deal with the tragedy of abortion!

In a similar absence of logic, our children's 7th grade textbook Across the Centuries  is loaded with fun activities to "positively experience"  Islam, even training  children to affirm that the words of the Quran are from "Allah" the Muslim god.  Some schools in California have asked children to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah. When educational professionals brandishing their degrees are confronted with the consequences of asking children to "assume they are Muslim soldiers" and imagine they are Muslims, these grandiose educational PhDs will look you straight in the eye and tell you it will have no impact.

I wonder if John Walker Lindh's mother would agree.

The churning of Islam propaganda exploded on the scene in public schools 11 years ago, during the Clinton administration.  We are just now beginning to reap the harvest of it. According to The New York Times, 10/22/01: “..With some 6 million adherents in the United States, Islam is said to be the nation's fastest-growing religion... One expert estimates that 25,000 people a year become Muslims in this country; some clerics say they have seen conversion rates quadruple since Sept. 11.”

Billions are spent on advertising in this country. Would advertisers appreciate it if public schools asked students to imagine using their product, to write what is good about that product, why others would be attracted to their product? It sounds insane, yet that is exactly what our Department of Education is doing for  condom manufacturers, Planned Parenthood and Islam.

Except they don't ask children to imagine how it would feel to butcher your unborn child,  experience the harsh medical realities of anal sex,  herpes, pinecones or a suicide bomb.

As our children continue to be pummeled in school by morally and spiritually corrupt propaganda, I have one question to ask:

Department of Education, are we learning anything yet? Our children learn what you teach them!

Original article published at SierraTimes CovenantNews,   Newstrove.com,   Mepham.US

Follow-up to Mepham High Hazing:

Horrific facts begin about one third down on the page.


When parents came to an emergency meeting on September 16 with the principal and Superintendent Thomas Caramore, they heard not mea culpas but accusations. “Due to the poor moral character of your children,”  Caramore told the parents, “this investigation is not moving forward.” She stood up and asked Didden twice if any child had been threatened before the camp incidents. She says the Principal John Didden said no twice. That’s when Vic stood up and called Didden a liar. No one objected.

How could Caramore tell the victims parents:
"Due to the poor moral character of your children”
“This investigation is not moving forward.”

Thomas Caramore, the Bellmore-Merrick Central District superintendent, said there was no way to have predicted that any of the students might commit a crime at the camp. 

So Caramore, when a student tells another kid don't sleep at night or you'll get the broom stick treatment, you couldn't predict that out come? -from Mepham webpage

Additionally, it has been reported that prior to camp, one of the victim's parents begged the principal, John Didden, to take action against one of the admitted perpetrators for threatening her son and telling him he "better not sleep at night." Didden's response, "“I’m the principal,” he said, “and I’ll decide who can go on the trip." 

Parents are outraged that the judicial system has sealed the decision to try the students as juveniles or adults. General consensus believes this is due to trying them as juveniles.

My question: Does this mean these students who admittedly brutally sodomized boys, may end up sharing a room with more boys in juvenile hall??? Does anyone think about the second chances of those in juvenile hall?

Sources: http://www.washtimes.com/commentary/20030902-090708-6996r.htm