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Ramah and alah

Long before I discovered what was in my son's textbook, or 9/11, or BlessedCause, before I even knew what Islam was, I wrote the following.

Please be forgiving about the following.  It was only written for myself, though a few close friends read it at the time.  I wanted to correct typos, rearrange it, etc., but if I did that it wouldn't be exactly what I wrote long ago.


Ramah and Alah

Aug 2000.... I am soooo amazed... The things God has been showing me. It started back on July 27th, when an online friend, Dodge, insisted once again that God was impressing him that I needed to speak in tongues. I talked with him on the phone and he prayed over me, and my jaw hurt SO bad. This was embarrassing to me because I felt like, "is this the enemy holding my jaw or my resistance to the Lord?" neither one I wanted to think was a possibility. The next day I explained it to Joy as I called her with the prayer requests. We prayed over the prayers, and my jaw hurt really bad again. She prayed over me, pain. I called Nellie, we had a long conversation about tongues. She and Joy both explained to me that to talk in tongues, one must take the first step in faith and start. I had always held that if God gave me the gift of tongues, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from speaking it. But the pain in my jaw clearly indicated I could be wrong. When Nellie prayed over me it hurt as well. So once again, I got before the Lord and said, "Lord, I'm going to do this, but I don't want to do this by myself so please come upon me quickly" (also lifted up my current burdens first)... I opened my mouth and began, hating it, because the last thing I want to do is "fake it"; I was not prepared for what happened. My mind was flooded with an image as the words came out in song. It was millions and millions of upstretched arms seeking with such a force and need and grief and longing. My voice, though I was barely aware of it, sounded so sweet and it was like all of these voices were crying out behind it. It was so....POWERFUL. It rocked me. Through this vision was like a thread that was so thin lacing through it, and it was sooooo sweet, so thin but so overwhelmingly sweet, and I can't explain it but it had a taste of sweetbread...I"m not kidding I can't explain it. Except for the incredibly strong contrast of the sweet thread, the vision was overwhelming grieving.... the need and seeking was so powerful and washed over me and my body was shaking and weeping. Words were pouring out of me but I couldn't even listen to them because I was so swept away by it all. My grieving went so deep. This was NOT what I had imagined talking in tongues would be. I had tried to talk in tongues before, but it came out in song which turned into praise and I felt that was failure and stopped. I was told by many that talking in tongues was an interaction with the Lord that was stronger than that awesome feeling you get when you praise Him with other believers in church. And I got such intense grieving.

So I called Gary and Nellie an emotional wreck when it was over. I could hardly get the words out at first. Lol, Gary started to give me his standard talk to people who first experience tongues..."Jen we all feel foolish when we first speak in tongues..." Gary just wasn't getting it, I was SO beyond being concerned that my words were just mine. Gary also felt that the "sea" of people was my need to go after the lost... as though I was one of those people that believed all these people needed me personally.

But I knew this sea of people, the multitudes, were also from ages past. I think it was the whole body of Christ, past and present. It felt like a vision I had long ago, standing on a bridge over 101 on Santa Rosa St. I was watching trucks and cars coming down the valley to the bridge beneath me, and suddenly the cars and trucks looked like horses and carts and people walking on a road... like the Exodus of people from Israel. I want to add camels but I dont clearly remember seeing any. This vision I saw of upstretched arms, felt like that vision, people from ages past.

Anyway it calmed me down, talking with Gary. And he gave me 1 Cor. 14:15 which says: "What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding."

This comforted me greatly because I couldn't understand that I couldn't "talk" in tongues. It always comes in song. Dale told me later that people have to enter the inner court of the temple in song and praise...

The next morning I felt a need to sing again, but apprehensive. I don't like huge emotional grieving experiences. But I started singing, and it was like a river coming out of me that flowed back and forth from me to from the Spirit to from me to from the Spirit, I could really tell the difference. And I realized I had had to sacrifice my pride in order to do it. My pride did NOT want to find myself talking gibberish. But it's obviously done in obedience when I do it. I don't understand it but it's clearly so powerful.

This second time was so much sweeter.  There was something so...illuminated about each person I prayed for and saw in my mind. And the words swirled softly around them and fell on their heads and shoulders like gentle snowflakes. It was AWESOME. And I was filled with such a love for each one, even my enemies.

MEANWHILE again, I'm singing in tongues, and I noticed a word keeps coming up that I feared sounded like "alla". Knowing this is some false god of the Muslims or somewhere, I try to look it up in Hebrew... know what I found? Where the sound of it is written as (aw-law)... is the Hebrew word alah*, the title of this whole thing....which means "to bewail, lament" Exactly what I had a mental image of in my first encounter in tongues! Exactly what Jer. 6:26 is about.

Problem is, another definition of the word was to curse. At first I just focused on the lament part because that's what happened, but it bothered me that the definition included cursing, and who wants to curse?

Weeks later, I looked up the second word seemed to have a meaning to it...a word I kept saying and knew it was significant. Word was ramah. It's the feminine word of "a peal of thunder; the mane of a horse (as quivering in the wind) - thunder." I guess it kind of freaks me because when I think of what I said to that atheist, I've referred to it often as "calling down fire." Alah and ramah are the only two words I was saying in tongues that I looked up. Ever. I had tried to look up Eloheim long ago under different circumstances. Couldn't find it. Aside from those, I've never just looked up the sound of a Hebrew word.
This is only the start..

[At the time I really didn't like the word "Alah" sneaking into my prayer language.  I knew that word was considered some kind of god of a different religion and tried to resist saying it, but couldn't when praying.  Only after I finally looked it up in Hebrew did it cease.  No, I was not praying to Allah, but I believe something was being communicated in the Spirit about what was about to happen regarding Islam and the textbooks.  Now it all makes sense.]

*Update 4/10/12 - Details regarding Hebrew word alah

A primitive root (rather identical with H422 through the idea of invocation); to bewail: - lament.

A primitive root; properly to adjure, that is, (usually in a bad sense) imprecate: - adjure, curse, swear.

It is only used one time in the Old Testament

 "Lament like a virgin girded with sackcloth for the husband of her youth." (Joel 1:8)

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