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  June 24, 2002 By "The Screed" at http://www.lileks.com/screed/college.html
"While President Bush receives very high marks for his handling of the presidency (70% approval), a majority of college students (57%) believe the policies of the United States are "at least somewhat responsible" for the September 11th terrorist attacks.

“A clear majority of college students (60%) believe "developing a better understanding of the values and history of other cultures and nations that dislike us" is a better approach to preventing terrorism than investing in strong military and defense capabilities at home and abroad" (33%).”

Given that Osama et al wish to reestablish the Caliphate and establish their faith as the planet’s sole religion, would you:

1. Understand the values of those who would rewrite the First Amendment to make Islam mandatory

2. Support a national effort to rewrite spellcheckers so they replace “Jew” with “pig”

3. Support sending the religious police to break up Victoria’s Secret photo shoots and whip everyone with sticks until their brazen ankles are made decent again by a covering of blood

4. Understand why the cause requires the death of this child:

[click on image for enlargement]
This is, or rather was, five-year old Gal Aizenman. She was ripped to shreds by poison-soaked nails at a Jerusalem bus stop this week. Your task: find the Western value that says she deserved to die. Find the Western value that says God wants this child to be blown up in front of her mother. Find the Western value that insists God not only smiled upon her death, but welcomed her killer to a whorehouse heaven. Find a big-league Bishop who commended her killer to paradise, and a murderer's mother who exhulted in this child's extermination.

Last question: you remember that famous, horrible photo of the young girl fleeing naked from a napalm attack in Vietnam. You may know that she was treated in Saigon by American-staffed hospital. She survived, was held up as a heroine by the Communists, sent to Cuba to be educated - and she defected to the West for freedom the first chance she had.

Describe, in as many words as necessary, the likelihood of a neighbor of Israel giving intensive medical care to Gal, granting her citizenship, appointing her to an international human rights board, and writing stories - for domestic newspapers - drenched in shame for the trauma she suffered.

Assume, for the sake of argument, Gal is alive.