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 What is a Muslim Soldier?"Across the Centuries" 7th grade textbook tells our children to:

"Assume you are a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer Syria in the year-A.D. 635.  Write three journal entries that reveal your thoughts about Islam, fighting in battle, or life in the desert." (pg 68)  

Our government insists that Islam is  "peaceful" and Colin Powell asks for Muslim educators, leaders, clerics to move here, to help "educate" us."  Apparently Muslims are complying as they are heavily funding the documentaries and educational resources touting Islam as "peaceful."

"Islam" is not a country but a religion spread across many nations.  If it is so peaceful, why are there Muslim soldiers?  Why are they "fighting in battle."  Why are our children asked to assume they are fighting for their cause? What is the cause they fight for?  The "peace of Islam"? 

Therein lies the truth, because the "peace of Islam" can only be achieved after Islam conquers the world.  Then and only then will there be "peace" according to the Quran and Hadith, Islam's holy books.  That is their definition of "peace." It begins after all the world has either submitted to Islam or is slaughtered. How the Imams and sheiks must be laughing as America promotes the "peace" of Islam!

America is taught that Christians and Jews are to be tolerated as "people of the book."  This is true as dictated by the Quran.  However,  in order to achieve this status in Islam, a Christian or Jew must pay the poor tax and offer prayer to Allah or be slaughtered. 

Is this the religious freedom that the ACLU is fighting to embrace in public school?  "Christian, you may survive, but first dedicate your life to Allah or die."  Christians who deny tribute to Allah are tortured and raped.  This is no exaggeration, this is happening in the Sudan and many other countries today.

There are those in America who insist John Walker Lindh receive the death penalty for fighting for the Taliban, which he joined after converting to Islam.  Think about it, John Walker Lindh was first requested to "assume fighting for Islam" by AMERICAN SCHOOLS. 

If true Islam is not associated with the terrorists and is in fact peaceful, then why the need of "Muslim soldiers" that our children are told to assume they are?  Whom does the Muslim soldier fight?  Exactly what kind of Muslim soldiers are our public schools teaching our children to assume the identities of? 

If there are soldiers, there are military leaders. Who are the military leaders of Islam if there is no specific country of Islam?  They have no country to be attacked.  There is no land to protect.  Their description sounds very similar to the terrorist leaders in news today.  Public school admission that there is such a thing as a Muslim soldier is to admit there is an authentic call for Muslims to fight, and they actually teach our children to assume the position!

"For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7)

There are probably as many Muslims that do not read and obey their Quran as there are Christians that do not read and obey their Bible. There are those who profess to be Muslims that do not kill. There are those who profess to be Christians that do not love.

So do we hate American Muslims?  NO.  But must we teach our children to assume they are Muslim soldiers?  Must we present a violent religion as one of peace and gentleness?  Must we present Muhammad's claimed spiritual awakening as FACT to impressionable American children?  Muhammad, who led more than 20 slaughtering raids killing Jews and Christians, and masterminded more than 60 others.  Do we present what he wrote as interesting and fun practices of imagination for children to embrace? 

Only if we want our sons and daughters to share a jail cell with John Walker Lindh.  Instead of a jail cell, he should receive an "A" in today's American classroom.  After all, he could turn in his whole ordeal with the Taliban as an expansive, though late, class project.  He did what his teachers taught him.  He lived what they told him to assume. 
On February 8, America heightened the terrorist attack warning level. Why? Because of a Muslim holiday.  Are we still in denial about Islam? LOVE the Muslim, but lure our children to Allah? no way!

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A reader responds:
What is a Christian Soldier?

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