School Assignment: Pick anyone in history for a project. My 10 year old picked Peter and his best friend picked Paul. My son came home with a few obstacles, like your subject had to have a last name, etc., but I'm not sure if they really came from the teacher, because every time I went in to talk with her, she was nice as could be.  My son wrote the following and I was so surprised he knows who Eloheim is! It was harder than I thought to find a picture of Peter on the web so I painted this. I really encourage suggesting to our children that they choose Biblical historical choices.  Public school doesn't dare challenge the authenticity of the Bible as historical evidence!

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I Can Walk on Water

It was a stormy night,
And the men were a fright.

We got in the boat,
And hoped it would float.

The waves were so high,
We were thrown to the sky.

The boat came down with a crash
As the lightning made a flash.

Jesus was nowhere in sight,
This didn’t seem right.

A ghost did appear,
He came frightfully near.

The disciples started to scream,
And I called “Eloheim!”

“Call me on the water!”
My faith was getting hotter.

Jesus said, “Come,”
The other disciples thought I was dumb.


The water was neat,
As ripples tickled my feet.

The water felt stiff,
And it started to shift.

Right then and there,
The mighty waves did flare,

In a quick blink,
I started to sink.

My faith took a dive,
“Am I still alive?”

I shouted, “Save me, my Lord!”
As the ocean fiercely roared. 

Then I felt Jesus’ grip,
I knew His hand wouldn’t slip. 

He asked, “Why did you doubt?”
As the men started to shout.

The ocean turned quiet,
There was no longer a riot.

Next time I won’t doubt,
When my Lord is about.

- by Simon Peter bar Jonah

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