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To well meaning Pastors:

Before you contact me, I ask you to pray and consider carefully what you say, for I am astounded at pastors I have long admired and respected responding with coaching that I should not say this or that, because the people will not like it. I know you mean well, but there is so much concern about how things are "presented." Reminding me that if I address too many issues, I will offend so many groups that few will listen to me.

In all gentleness, when Jesus healed a woman, did He tell her to "go and sin no more in THIS area for now..." When He started His ministry, did He say "REPENT" just a little at a time? Were the Ten Commandments given one at a time? Is there a man of faith anywhere in the Bible that was given a message and he strategized to present it in pieces?

When Jesus comes, He will not come one piece at a time. If you look at society and the direction our nation is heading, if anyone is taking small bites at a time and changing, it's the pastors. Many who are accepting and revising and watering down what God has said to fit the people's demands. God has given the true shepherds 2000 years to feed the sheep. But the sheep are now leading many shepherds and its all on a road to destruction.

Presentation? Jonah spoke one time and thousands repented. Jeremiah spoke how many decades and hardly anyone listened to him? Was Jeremiah wrong and Jonah presenting well? Should Jeremiah be taking notes from Jonah? Or should he just give the message as God said and wait for God to do what He will? Should I worry that people will not listen to me? No, I will just give what He

 told me to give. The people can choose to believe what they will and respond as they will, not to me but to Him.

With an individual, the Holy Spirit directs what area to work on and when. But as a nation that is killing its children while teaching the surviving children atheism, homosexuality and pagan worship, would God focus on only one of the offenses and approve or ignore the rest? Are any of these offenses acceptable to God? Does judgment never come?

When I wrote the first objections to teaching children to accept Islam in public school, I personally delivered the ten pages of what is in our children's textbooks to pastors all over my town, and advised them about prayer to Allah in class. Only one of them warned the parents to at least talk to their children. The majority were too concerned about being politically correct. The excuses were unbelievable, one compared idolatry of Allah to preferences between Christian camps. They couldn't take sides.

I am believing for revival, I believe America can turn around and this darkness that is approaching can be held off for a few generations. But only by God's grace through a deep and swift revival.

So dear pastors, before you write me and try to coach me about what to say and how to say it, consider obeying God and not man. Consider being a true shepherd, stand firm when opposition comes as Jesus said it would, feed and tend the sheep. Tell the people the truth, the WHOLE truth.  LEAD the people to protect our children!

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