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Though we are not very familiar with Michael Savage, we are looking forward to his debut on MSNBC and applaud MSNBC for their stance.

Foes of Savage fail to deter MSNBC
Despite protests, the cable channel plans to go ahead with the conservative's new talk show.

Associated Press

Before it even debuts this weekend, talk-radio star Michael Savage's MSNBC show has attracted more attention than anything the struggling news network is telecasting.

Advocacy groups, led by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, have begun a letter-writing campaign to keep Savage off the air. The syndicated radio personality fought back by calling his critics "stinking rats who hide in the sewers."

His show, The Savage Nation, will run at 5 p.m. on Saturday despite the furor, said Alan Winikoff, an MSNBC representative.

The brash, tough-talking Savage, who broadcasts out of the San Francisco area, is probably the second-hottest talk-radio host in the country after Sean Hannity, said Michael Harrison, editor of the trade magazine Talkers.

"He is, in many ways, the quintessential shock jock," Harrison said. "He's a very aggressive, clever, street-smart everyman. He flies in the face of political correctness. He's what works on talk radio."

A group Savage formed, the Paul Revere Society, advocates closing borders, deporting illegal immigrants, mandating health tests for immigrants, eliminating entitlement programs, and making tax cuts permanent.

GLAAD said Savage spews "hateful, defamatory rhetoric" against virtually everyone except white men. He has referred to gays and lesbians as perverts, said Joan Garry, GLAAD's executive director.

"Read what he's written and listen to some of the things he's said, and you can't sit idly by," Garry said. "You have to raise concerns. You have to question why a news channel would give this guy a platform."

Savage calls gays and lesbians perverts because homosexuality is perversion.

Winikoff would not comment on why Savage was hired. Savage, rehearsing his debut, was not immediately available to comment.

"What people are forgetting is the show hasn't been on the air yet," Winikoff said. "What Savage says he wants to do on this show is focus on serious issues. Stuff that [his critics] are complaining about won't be a focus of the show. Just give the guy a chance before jumping to conclusions."

They're not jumping to conclusions, they only want "freedom of speech" when it comes to teaching children to become homosexual. But if anyone says anything opposing homosexuality, gay militants are up in arms.

Liberal talk-show host Phil Donahue, abruptly fired last week by MSNBC, said the network was trying to "out-Fox Fox" News Channel, the top-rated cable news network that employs Hannity as a daily talk-show cohost, by appealing to conservatives.GLAAD organized a tenacious campaign against conservative radio host Laura Schlessinger when her syndicated talk show debuted in September 2000, urging an advertiser boycott. When the show was canceled after six months, Schlessinger blamed the boycott.

GLAAD hasn't called for a boycott against MSNBC. Garry said she wanted to meet with NBC executives before deciding on a next step.

A boycott is less likely to be successful in this case, Harrison said. MSNBC's advertisers are more used to controversy than those sought by Schlessinger, he said. And Savage hasn't been as outspoken against gays as Schlessinger, who several years ago labeled homosexuality "deviant" and "a biological error," he said.

Harrison said Savage also will fight harder, as evidenced by his comments last week on his radio show.

"You stinking rats who hide in sewers!" Savage said. "You think you can go after my income? You think you can kill my advertisers? You think I'm Dr. Laura? You think I'm going to roll over?... You're wrong!"

He said his show "is about liberty, it's about free speech," and the campaign against him is "liberal fascism."

Michael Savage is right.

Savage threatened to launch his own campaign against people who fund groups such as GLAAD, perhaps appealing to the U.S. Justice Department to see if his rights have been violated.

"You keep this up and I tell you, until the last breath I breathe, I'll cut your sources of funding off," he said. "You'll be serving muffins in cafes if you're lucky."

Savage's radio commentary "scared me," Garry said. "It felt very threatening."  Darkness usually does feel threatened by the truth.

Garry said she did not dispute Savage's free-speech rights, (ha!) but said "MSNBC has a responsibility because there are and should be boundaries to what you can and can't say on television. Savage has a history of crossing those boundaries."

Garry has crossed boundaries by trying to censor someone just because they believe differently. Freedom of speech is not limited to deviant gay militants.

 Michael Savage Under Fire on MSNBC
Michael Savage, a brash, highly opinionated, syndicated radio personality and best selling author of "The Savage Nation" is under attack by 'gay' activists.

Savage, outspoken against 'gay' activism, has a new weekend television program on MSNBC. While Bennett not may agree with all of Savage's remarks and views, Bennett is showing his support for the talk show host in the 'nasty' campaign being waged against him.

'Gay' activists are trying to pressure MSNBC to "can" the Savage show and are contacting the network's advertisers to boycott the program. So far, Proctor & Gamble and Kraft Foods have caved in and given their "pro-gay" support by refusing to advertise.

Stephen Bennett has been in contact with Savage's producer and has offered to share his story and the real truth about homosexuality and militant 'gay' activism in America. We'll keep you updated of a possible radio/television interview with Stephen by Michael Savage.