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Proud to be a "Religious Bigot"

Definition of bigot: "A person who is intolerant, esp. in matters of religion, race, or politics." -American Heritage Dictionary

Although I have all the tolerance in the world of other races and religions that people choose for themselves, I have ZERO tolerance for those who wish to force their gods on my children or any children in public school.

This is a Christian nation, there is no other God that led our founding fathers in procuring this nation. So why are my Christian children, within a Christian land being forced to know and accept other gods in public school?  Why are they forced to read from textbooks that blatantly scorn Christianity? Why is the name of Jesus Christ continually censored from school while every other belief is lifted up by public school officials and school librarians?

I already know the answer, God said it would be so. But in the meantime, go ahead and call me a religious bigot, because in fact that is what I am. I am completely intolerant of every public school employee striving to force their will on my children and lead them to other religions. My God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said,

“Take heed that you are not snared and that you INQUIRE NOT after their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods?…for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods”
(Deut. 12:30)

“Thus says the Lord:  ‘Do not learn the way of the heathens” (Jeremiah 10:2)

“You shall not walk in the manner of the nations which I cast out before you, for they committed all of these things and therefore I abhor them”  (Lev 20:23) 

[note: The Bible shows that God mercifully waited to the point that these nations were torturing infants to death...God's abhoration is always just, and we have been painfully killing partial birth infants in gruesome fashion]

So who are these tyrants that seek to inflict their will on Christian children over God's? Who are these that attempt to force their antichrist beliefs on our children? Atheists, Liberals, Muslims, Hindus, the ACLU, Nambla, the NEA, the list is endless.

America is all about religious freedom, yet these groups keep fighting to take it away.  Go ahead and call me a bigot because I will not accept these attempts to corrupt my children and the very fabric of America. I demand my American heritage for my sons, who may someday be called to give their lives for this nation in war. I am not afraid of the name calling, mocking, hatred, or consequences. My God is the great I AM, He will sustain me. But I warn those who seek to destroy Christianity. You do not know my Father in heaven. He will not tarry. When you assault a Christian, you will see the power of God respond in your life.

God is a loving God. He commands us to "Love your neighbors as yourselves." Even more than that, He commands us to love our enemies. This is True Tolerance. This is what atheists have destroyed in public school and our nation when they demanded that Christianity be gagged. Now they futilely grasp at "multiculturism" as a band-aid, but it doesn't work. Our nation needs the love of Jesus.

God's arms are open wide to all who seek to know Him with all their heart. But when liberals seek to destroy His children, they will face the consequences of Our Father in heaven. Are you a liberal? If so, I pray you reconsider the hate filled attacks that Christians have been withstanding, because God will only allow it for so long. There will be a price to pay, and not God nor any Christian hope that you pay it.  Christians pray you will receive His Son and gain an eternal life with a loving Father with us in heaven. I pray that for every enemy I have ever faced. I will accept abuse, I will accept hatred, I will accept threats, I will accept the lies told about me because My Father said you would hate me. But I will not sit by quietly while you seek to corrupt our children. Nor will God. When you mess with God's little children, you do not know the dire consequences coming your way. Repent. For your own sakes, repent and live.    
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