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CAIR Official Arrested
Islamic official arrested, more U.S. education personnel exposed

By Jennifer Shroder

Federal agents recently arrested Bassam K. Khafagi, Community Affairs Director of the national office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Khafagi was apprehended during a widening terrorist investigation. Khafagi was also working as a teaching assistant at the University of Idaho.

Federal agents in another case arrested Professor Sami Al-Arian of the University of South Florida. Al-Arian is charged with illegally raising money for the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which authorities say is responsible for the murders of more than 100 people in the Middle East, including two Americans. Matt Epstein, Fox News terrorist analyst, stated:

" They were openly running the Palestinian Islamic Jihad from Tampa, Florida. This is a man whose evilness shows no bounds and whose duplicity is what's unbelievably shocking in the American public."

Nader F. Darehshori, CEO/President of Houghton Mifflin, was replaced 7 months after protests began over the indoctrination of Islam in our children's textbooks. Darehshori previously taught elementary school in Iran. He began work for HM in 1989 and became President in 1991 when the textbook made its debut.


Simultaneous to the rise of Darehshori, in 1990 the Council on Islamic Education was founded.  Shabbir Mansuri of the CIE states they conduct in-service workshops for schools, districts and organizations, and participates in annual education conferences. We are being spoonfed a deceptive version of Islam through multiple levels of our education system.

Houghton Mifflin wrote on their website a response to textbook criticism.  They denied contributions by the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) in the textbook:

"Did the CIE or any other religious group contribute to the writing of either “A Message of Ancient Days” or “Across the Centuries”?

"No, the scope of their involvement was limited to reviewing the textbook material."

This is contradictory to what Abigail Jungreis, Editorial Director of Houghton Mifflin stated in an earlier article for Soundvision:

" '[CIE] reviewers are knowledgeable, an access to primary source materials.' 

It is also with the help of the CIE that Jungreis says Houghton Mifflin's textbooks have been able to show what Crusades were like for the Muslims. '

We've been able to give several perspectives on an event like that,' she says. 'We see our reviewers as playing a crucial role in enabling us to present accurate and complete information,' she notes.' "

The textbook never admitted that the Crusade section was the Muslim perspective, it was written as fact. This explains why the Christian section is Islam’s “perspective” on Christ as well.

Soundvision also instructs Muslims how to make Islam converts of our children:

"Schools students are routinely exposed in their classroom to new information and opinions, hence they tend to be more receptive to new beliefs and ideas. Schools are therefore fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of non-Muslim students." 

"Remember, It was always Muslim creativity, Iman and the help of Allah that has constantly won victories for the Muslims, and schools and campuses won't be any exceptions."

CIE promotes a peaceful version of Islam’s beliefs to textbook publishers, state education officials and policymakers, curriculum developers, and teachers. They have published many supplemental books pedaling a diluted Islam, which are used in American schools today.  Islam has stealthily infiltrated our public schools and is actively seeking to induct our children.

Do we hate American Muslims?  NO.  But must we teach our children to assume they are Muslim soldiers?  Must we present a violent religion as one of peace and gentleness?  Must we present Muhammad's claimed spiritual awakening and role as Prophet as FACT to impressionable American children, while reducing Jesus Christ to a “popular teacher”?  Muhammad, who led more than 20 slaughtering raids killing Jews and Christians, and masterminded more than 60 others.  Do we present a deceptive version of what Muhammad wrote as interesting and fun practices of imagination for children to embrace?

- Only if we want our sons and daughters to share a jail cell with John Walker Lindh.  Instead of a jail cell, he should receive an "A" in today's American classroom.  After all, California's textbook instructed him to "Assume you are a Muslim soldier." Lindh could turn in his whole ordeal with the Taliban as an expansive, though late, class project.  He did what his teachers taught him.  He lived what they told him to assume.